Compare your fleet with the best

How does your fleet stack up? Fleet benchmarking reports let you contrast your efforts with leaders in the field, to see where you could be saving money.
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What data your fleet could be generating

Installing a vehicle tracking device allows you to collect a wealth of information. From the basics such as GPS location, speed, stops and idling, through to advanced features such as accelerometer movements, engine diagnostic data and fuel usage, Geotab puts all your fleet data in one easy-to-use portal.
Fleet savings report in MyGeotab displaying total monthly savings and potential savings
MyGeotab dashboard on a computer monitor displaying fuel economy report

Manage key metrics that drive your fleet’s performance

Set benchmarks on driver behaviour such as harsh braking, cornering and acceleration or seat belt use. Generate driver safety scorecards and manage your team for productivity and safety. Compare fleet performance against historical data or best practices to see how your fleet stacks up in safety, fuel economy and much more.

Turn information into insight

Every data point Geotab helps you collect can be turned into real-world insights to boost performance. Inform decision-making by comparing patterns of fleet usage against your own benchmarks and goals or similar fleets. Pinpoint opportunities to improve and cut costs, and let Geotab make data one of the most powerful assets in your fleet.
MyGeotab dashboard displaying fleet benchmarking data

Why benchmark performance with Geotab

  • Find new efficiencies as you do business
  • Identify opportunities for improvement
  • Uncover gaps in your operations
  • Target underperforming teams of business units
  • Provide precise driver training to have every part of your team perform the best they can
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Commonly asked questions

A trustworthy technique for analysing and optimising operations based on a fleet's driving habits is fleet benchmarking. Assess your present performance and track your progress toward your objectives. Telematics allows customers to collect a significant amount of data from a number of sources, create unique fleet goals, and make appropriate adjustments.
Big data modelling from Geotab compares your fleet vehicles to others of comparable size, composition, region and driving pattern from throughout the Geotab ecosystem. We help you look for areas where your fleet can improve or save money and deliver quantifiable value to your company.
Finding the best benchmark for your fleet might be difficult as each fleet is unique. Based on your fleet's driving pattern, our powerful machine learning algorithm selects the best vehicles and fleets to benchmark against. The following are some of the advantages of using Geotab for fleet benchmarking:
  • Learn about your unique driving pattern and vocation
  • Obtain unique fleet benchmark recommendations
  • Find new efficiencies
  • Uncover gaps
  • Identify strategic savings opportunities
  • Pinpoint areas of improvement
  • Take control with advanced driver coaching

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