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Insights to help fleets reduce emissions

Implement sustainable fleet solutions while improving your bottom line.

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Power your sustainability journey with data-driven insights

Reduce fuel use

Improve your fleet’s fuel efficiency


Increase profitability by setting fuel economy standards across your fleet.

“We believe that we are making a relevant contribution to higher air quality while simultaneously reducing our drivers’ stress levels and increasing profitability.”

Peter Hecker | Senior Telematics Specialist at DB Regio Bus

Reduce your fleet's fuel consumption

Visualise sustainability efforts

Compare your performance against similar fleets. Oversee your fleet’s operating costs and environmental performance with the Green Fleet Dashboard

  • Evaluate fuel economy by comparing to similar fleets
  • Study driving behaviour trends to promote efficient driving
  • Track EV performance, usage and cost savings

Adopting Electric Vehicles and Sustainable Fleet Strategies workbook

A tool for building a business case for the creation of a more environmentally friendly and efficient fleet.

Vehicles driving on a road

Manage costs with improved operations

Take the most efficient route

Reduce unnecessary travel, increase asset utilisation and improve fuel economy by optimising routes with Add-ins from the Geotab Marketplace

Work with a partner as committed to climate action as you are

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do at Geotab, from striving to minimize the environmental footprint of our internal operations to developing innovative technologies that optimize the ability of fleets to reduce CO2 emissions.

Set and achieve fleet-wide CO2 emission targets

Pinpoint high-emission vehicles

Create a detailed summary of each vehicle’s contribution to total fleet emissions, using the CO2 Emissions Report.

  • Prioritise your efforts by addressing your most problematic vehicles first
  • Locate and limit excessive or unnecessary fuel use

Transform your fleet with electric vehicles

Create your EV adoption strategy

Conduct an EV Suitability Assessment to discover the full potential of electrification. Get an in-depth analysis based on your fleet’s real-world performance data.

  • Identify which vehicles are best suited for EV replacement
  • Forecast your potential cost savings and CO2 reduction
  • Receive market-specific EV model recommendations

Sustainability solutions from Geotab Marketplace

Resources for your sustainability journey

Whether you are just beginning to assess your fleet’s environmental impact or you are looking for ways to accelerate your decarbonisation efforts, Geotab is here to help.

Commonly asked questions

Sustainable fleet management refers to activities centered around reducing the environmental and social impact of fleet vehicles, including strategies such as:

• GPS tracking
• Monitoring and training drivers to encourage fuel-efficient and safe driving behaviours
• Reduction of idling and greenhouse gas emissions
• Adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) including plug-in hybrid (PHEVs) or battery electric vehicles (BEVs)
• Rightsizing of vehicles to the correct duty cycles
• Use of alternative fuels
• Car sharing
• Considering alternative modes of transportation altogether
• Creation of preventative, rather than reactive maintenance programs

Geotab offers a full range of sustainability solutions, including:

• EV fleet management to ensure fleets get the best performance and greatest value out of their electric vehicles
• Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment to support and justify the transition to electric
• Environmental performance dashboards and reports to enable fleets to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) and other pollutants
• Vehicle tracking to enable fleet and dispatch managers to optimise routing and reduce transport mileage
• Data insights to enable local authorities and other government agencies to improve traffic safety, reduce congestion and improve local air quality

Green fleet management has a tremendous amount of benefits for fleets, including:

• Reducing the organisation's carbon footprint through supporting fuel efficient driving behaviours, better route management and/or use of alternative-fuel vehicles with fewer to no emissions
• Lowering long-term costs, such as spending less on fuel, oil, maintenance and even insurance, by reducing the occurrence of at-fault collisions
• Complying with any applicable emissions regulations
• Improving driver morale and staff retention rates

Take the next step toward a more sustainable fleet

Get insights you need to reduce your fleet’s CO2 emissions and costs, while improving operational efficiency.

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