Minimise your fleet’s environmental footprint

Meet your sustainability goals, cut carbon emissions and go electric with help from Geotab.

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Operate an electric fleet in the same easy portal

As fleets move to electric vehicles, monitoring current energy available allows you to target vehicles to recharge in the same way you might manage current petrol levels. Geotab can collect data on current battery levels so you can dispatch only fleet assets with enough charge to get the job done, alongside your traditional combustion engines, and monitor them in the same cloud-based platform.

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Rear end of a vehicle with dual exhaust pipes

EV plugged into a charging station

Take your fleet into the future with the EV Suitability Assessment (EVSA)

Geotab can help you identify the best vehicles to go electric — in one simple report. Use your actual telematics data and vehicle histories to help ensure no electric vehicle isn’t up to the task by matching vehicles to a new EV model with battery capacity to meet its needs, even in harsh weather. Quantify the cost and pollution savings to build a business case for modernisation.

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