Asset tracking and management

Real-time location of every fleet asset. Improve the productivity and maintain the value of your assets in the field.

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Track unpowered assets and other equipment through your fleet management software

Trailers, containers and other mobile assets are all a risk to be monitored. Equip your assets with real-time GPS to track their location.

Asset tracking information on MyGeotab interface
Exemption window on MyGeotab interface

Protect your mobile assets from theft

Equipment left on site or in yards poses a risk of theft. Equip an asset tracker and be alert to any asset moving outside zones when they shouldn’t be, and be alert to their location anywhere in the world. With a ruggedised design and extensive battery life, asset trackers are suited for the outdoors and all inclement weather.

Track powered or unpowered assets in one easy platform

  • Get real-time location reporting for every asset
  • Protect every asset from unwanted movement
  • Ensure each investment is being used productively
  • Install a GO device to track plant and equipment
  • Manage trailers or other mobile assets with solutions from the Marketplace
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Monitor asset utilisation and productivity

Report on trailer dwell time and movement in yards, entry and exit times, and true utilisation. Know how not only your vehicles are performing, but also the stock you’re moving — all through MyGeotab.

Engine data profile asset tracker graph showing temperature warning

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