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Comprehensive fleet safety reporting

Generate standard or customised reports to monitor fleet safety. Geotab’s fleet safety scorecard lets you identify safe or risky drivers, so you can reward or coach them towards your safety goals. Manage your team and reduce the risk every driver faces at work.

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Record behaviours and events on video

Integrate a camera solution to receive video records of events. Should a collision occur, you will have the evidence required to support insurance claims. Monitor driver habits that might impact safe driving or asset value, such as mobile phone use or smoking.

Address unsafe behaviours or poor habits with immediate feedback

Geotab’s fleet safety solution can be extended to provide an audible warning to drivers who break your customised rules. Remind drivers to stick to the rules for harsh driving,speeding, and seat belt use with buzzer or spoken alerts.

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Commonly asked fleet safety questions

Fleet safety policies are standards, rules and guidelines for drivers of company or institution-owned vehicles. They help to regulate vehicle use during and outside of business hours. Fleet managers often share their fleet safety policies through handbooks, videos, posters, training curriculum and onboarding documents.

Common vehicle safety policies include:

• Hours of Operation compliance
• Use of corporate vehicles outside of business hours
• Prevention of unsafe driving practices like speeding, harsh braking and turning
• Adherence to parking regulations
• Avoidance of driving distractions like eating or texting while driving
• Allowing for safe space around other vehicles

Fleet safety helps organisations to be more productive, control insurance costs and minimise vehicle downtime. When fleets include vehicles which are wrapped or lettered with company branding, it can help protect a company's reputation in their community and beyond. Most importantly, it helps safeguard the lives and well-being of a company's employees and other drivers they encounter on city streets, rural roads and motorways.

Geotab, together with our vetted Marketplace partners, offer a range of web-based software and fleet management devices to monitor and improve fleet safety.


The MyGeotab open fleet telematics platform helps you to better manage your drivers' safety performance with the following features:

  • Driver safety reporting dashboards to help you identify fleet driver safety trends and get a quick overview of your fleet's riskiest drivers to see who needs additional training. Gain insights into key fleet safety metrics such as speeding, harsh braking, reversing, seat belt use and more.
  • Driver scorecard reports to help you identify your fleet's top performers and recognise their contribution.
  • Safety alerts to notify you instantly of possible collisions so you can take the right actions immediately.
  • Real-time fleet safety monitoring for custom driving violations, including speeding, harsh braking and harsh cornering.

Fleet dash cams record high-definition video, which seamlessly integrates into the MyGeotab open fleet telematics platform:

  • High-definition video gives you a clear view of events in case of collisions or insurance disputes
  • Promote safe driving by replaying video clips of dangerous situations in driver coaching and training sessions.
  • 360-degree view of trips and driver behaviour helps you to minimise risk by capturing mobile phone use, smoking, driving too close to other vehicles or driver fatigue.
  • In-vehicle driver coaching provides immediate feedback to drivers right inside the vehicle with a buzzer alert or GO TALK spoken instructions.
  • Video recording devices and monitors can alert drivers about hazardous conditions.

Through the Geotab Marketplace, you benefit from access to a wealth of fleet safety systems that all seamlessly integrate with the other Geotab solutions, including:

  • Gamification programs to encourage friendly competition by motivating your drivers to practise safe driving behaviour.
  • Advanced collision avoidance systems (ADAS) to help your drivers recognise and avoid the risk of collision before it happens.
  • AI-powered fleet safety management software to predict and prevent high-risk events.
Any business that operates a fleet of vehicles will benefit from implementing fleet safety systems to make their fleet safer. Not only will a safer fleet reduce operational costs, but it can make your employees safer, reduce at-fault accidents and improve driver retention rates. If dash cams are utilised as part of the solution then it can even help you avoid false insurance claims.

With Geotab's web-based fleet safety solutions and fleet management devices, you can effectively monitor and manage your drivers and vehicles to reduce the incidence of safety violations: 

Gain insights into key fleet safety metrics such as speeding, harsh braking, reversing, seat belt use and more with fleet driver safety reporting.
Monitor fleet safety in real time, including speeding, harsh braking and harsh cornering. Set up alerts and receive notifications when rule violations are detected.
Get real-time safety violation notifications, alerting you instantly to any possible collisions so you can take the right actions immediately.
Identify the drivers who need additional safety training with simple trend reports
Provide immediate feedback to drivers right inside the vehicle with a buzzer alert or GO TALK spoken instructions for in-vehicle driver coaching.
Identify your fleet's safest drivers and recognise their contribution with the driver scorecard report
Encourage friendly competition by motivating your drivers to practise safe driving behaviour with gamification programs
Reduce incidents of dangerous driving and exonerate drivers in the case of false insurance claims, with high-definition video from dash cams.
Help your drivers recognise and avoid the risk of collision before it happens with advanced collision avoidance systems
Alert drivers to hazardous conditions with video recording devices and monitors

By operating a safer fleet, you have the potential to save money in a number of areas of your fleet budget:

Insurance — A safer fleet will generally have fewer at-fault collisions, which will help to lower insurance premiums. If dash cams are employed then you may be able to avoid false insurance claims against your company with high-quality footage of the event. Many insurance companies even offer lower rates to companies that utilise dash cams.
Personnel — With fewer collisions, your fleet will benefit from less employee downtime, lower medical costs and less need to pay expensive overtime to cover absent drivers.
Maintenance — By reducing safety violation incidents, including speeding and harsh braking, your vehicles will experience less wear and tear. This can result in lower maintenance costs and reduced vehicle downtime.
Vehicles — A lower accident rate and reduced vehicle wear and tear will help to increase vehicle utilisation rates. This can reduce the need for standby vehicles, providing opportunities to reduce the number of vehicles in your fleet. Vehicle depreciation rates can be reduced, with vehicles in better repair when you come to sell them on.

It is essential that you look for tools that allow quick, easy communication with the driver, so you can constantly check on them if they are in danger.

Using the MyGeotab application, you can contact your supplier to raise queries or watch the video tutorials in the training section. You can also find answers to your questions in the Geotab forum, where you can reach out to and contact other clients. Or, if you just have a quick question, you can get an answer through the online chat.

Fleet safety is all about managing the safety of driving performance, vehicle operations and equipment use. Telematics can give you a unique overview of your fleet using dashboard safety reports, customized safety alerts, advanced collision-prevention systems, driver coaching, dash cams and more.

Geotab makes integrating fleet safety solutions simple. With our open-platform approach, you can integrate existing safety solutions via our Geotab Marketplace or choose from a wide range of tools to extend your safety solution. Our friendly and knowledgeable Marketplace team can also help you choose the most suitable products for your business needs.

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