Fleet and driver safety management solutions

Geotab’s advanced fleet management platform connects your vehicles to a customisable management and reporting platform, helping you improve safety on the road.

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Comprehensive safety reporting

Generate standard or customised reports to monitor safety. Geotab’s safety scorecard lets you identify safe or risky drivers, so you can reward or coach them towards your safety goals. Manage your team and reduce the risk every driver faces at work.

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Dash cam UI showing relative proximity to the vehicles around it

Record behaviours and events on video

Integrate a camera solution to receive video records of events. Should a collision occur, you will have the evidence required to support insurance claims. Monitor driver habits that might impact safe driving or asset value, such as mobile phone use or smoking.

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Address unsafe behaviours or poor habits with immediate feedback

Geotab’s solution can be extended to provide an audible warning to drivers who break your customised rules. Remind drivers to stick to the rules for harsh driving,speeding, and seat belt use with buzzer or spoken alerts.

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