Fleet dash cams for commercial fleet vehicles

Capture crystal clear HD trip video with a wide range of the industry's best commercial fleet dash cams. Improve safety, protect your fleet and coach your drivers with real time fleet dash cam footage. All seamlessly integrated with the Geotab telematics platform.

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Protect your business with fleet dash cameras

Our commercial fleet dash cams deliver a clear and complete picture of harsh driving events and provide crucial video evidence in the case of collisions and insurance disputes.


With high-resolution footage, capture any risky event on the road and around your vehicles. For further security and fleet safety such as protection from theft, connect up to five cameras to monitor vehicles' interiors, equipment and other high value gear.

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Detect risky events with a real-time dash cam software

Stay informed of unsafe driving behaviour with high-resolution images and video of events, plus the location of where it happened.


Capture mobile phone use, smoking, tailgating or driver fatigue so you can minimise risk and better coach fleet drivers.


Review the vehicle’s trip right from the MyGeotab platform, view images and video from any moment in real time.

Reduce collisions with predictive AI-powered fleet dash cameras

AI-powered fleet dash cameras can predict imminent collisions and send instant in-cab feedback, ensuring drivers have enough time to react and avoid a vehicle crash.


Geotab’s AI dash cams for fleets provide performance insights to inform driver coaching programs. Performance data is crucial to educate drivers, holistically improve safety and help reduce future vehicle damage costs.

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Get the complete picture with dual facing fleet dash cams

Get a comprehensive view of trips and driver behaviour with advanced dual facing commercial vehicle camera systems. The advantages of a dual facing dash cam for fleet vehicles include:

  • Full visibility of both the cabin and vehicle exterior in case of an event
  • Better opportunities for driver coaching
  • Instant notifications to drivers who exhibit risky driving behaviours

Explore dual facing fleet dash cams on the Geotab Marketplace

How do fleet dash cams work

1. The fleet dash cam starts recording video

Our commercial fleet dash cameras operate using power from vehicle batteries via a wired connection. Cameras will only start recording when a vehicle engine is turned on and in motion to avoid unnecessary battery drain.


2. AI connected sensors capture risky driving events

HD footage is recorded constantly when a vehicle is in motion. Footage is captured day or night with infrared LEDs for clear quality video and wide angle lenses for both road facing and driver facing cameras.


3. High-definition footage and alert data is saved to the cloud

Driver journey footage and alerting data is uploaded to the cloud, meaning fleet managers can view video and image data at any time.


4. Fleet managers can easily review pictures and videos within MyGeotab

Get alerted when video is available to watch and download on the MyGeotab platform. See HD dashcam footage alongside GPS data so you know who the driver was, how fast they were going and where they were located.

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Strengthen your safety program with actionable data

Reduce future risky driving behaviour with AI-powered fleet dash cameras for your commercial fleet of vehicles. Choose from an industry leading range of cameras that are easy to install, easy to use and fully integrated with the Geotab platform. Watch a live playback of events, see trip and map information and share videos via web link.

  • Gain visibility into on-road activities, including aggressive and distracted driving
  • Record driving routes
  • Use video to support driver coaching and training
  • Record and save video evidence of collisions
  • Receive immediate text or email notification of incidents
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Commercial fleet dash cam features that matter

Choose from a variety of fleet camera systems with a wide range of features as standard

HD video

Get a crystal-clear view of events.

Night vision & wide-angle

Day or night, footage is clear and shows the whole picture.

Cloud storage

Hours of footage with options to stream or download.
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Privacy by design

Configure and customise your dashcam settings and setup for privacy compliance.
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AI capabilities

Identify risky and unsafe driving with AI and machine vision.
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Real-time in-cab alerts

Increase safety with in-vehicle feedback.
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Driver coaching

Use a prescriptive coaching workflow to change behaviors.
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Comprehensive reporting capabilities

Quickly and clearly review and analyse key performance indicators alongside telematics data

Fleet dash cam solutions from Geotab Marketplace

With over 200 third-party solutions, there is something for every business on the Geotab Marketplace. Use our strongly vetted, industry leading partners to increase fleet productivity and fleet compliance while lowering operating costs. From dash cams for fleets and asset trackers to maintenance and fuel management, there is something for every business.

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Comprehensive fleet dash cam options

Solutions include everything from video recording devices to monitors that can alert drivers of hazardous conditions.


With comprehensive MyGeotab integration, Surfsight’s fleet dash cams provide high-definition video and offer dual-facing cameras for both in-cab and exterior coverage. Get access to images and videos in a matter of seconds.

Fleet dash cam resources and guides

Reduce risky driving behavior with video telematics technology

Video telematics technology can help improve driver safety and offer solutions for distracted driving and other risky driving behavior.
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How video telematics works

Learn how video telematics can change the way your business operates with insight and data from before and after events.

5 questions to ask when choosing vehicle camera solutions

See how adding video camera solutions can provide a competitive advantage.
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Commonly asked fleet dash camera questions

Geotab’s robust open platform allows integration with leading fleet camera solutions through the Geotab Marketplace. We recognize that one size doesn’t fit all. Geotab offers the power of choice and flexibility and encourages customers to choose a fleet dash camera that best fits the needs of their fleet. Find our available camera solutions on the Geotab Marketplace.

Commercial fleets help businesses accomplish their goals and objectives using transportation. They can include any type of vehicle, such as semi trucks, buses, SUVs, vans and cars. A lot of industries use commercial fleets, including:

• Plumbing
• Electrical
• Construction
• Shipping
• Telecommunications
• Waste management
• Pest control

There are many reasons why commercial fleet camera systems are important for commercial fleets. They can help:

  • Save commercial businesses money by using video evidence for fraudulent claims and exonerating drivers
  • Offer 360 degree operational visibility with in-cab and exterior cameras
  • Identify harsh driving incidents to personalise driver coaching and increase driver engagement
  • Reduce the number of collisions by sending instant alerts to drivers when they are lane drifting or driving too close to other vehicles
  • Pick up on driver behaviours like cell phone use, smoking, eating or driver fatigue using AI

Certain fleet dash camera solutions can be set up through a self-install, while others require a certified professional to complete the install. Please consult with your Geotab Reseller to discuss the best options for your specific case.

There are different camera and video solution options available on Geotab’s Marketplace. The features for each fleet solution ranges from live streaming and on-demand video, to infrared, ADAS and much more. Choose an option based on the features and use cases most relevant to your fleet.

The amount of time that video footage is stored varies depending on each solution. However, memory can be added and adjusted based on a customer’s requirements. Please consult the Marketplace Partner for the fleet dash camera specifications.

Our Marketplace Partners provide a platform on which users can view and manage video footage. Through our integration, Geotab Customers can access these platforms directly from their MyGeotab site without having to re-authenticate.
While each camera or video solution works differently, the general approach involves a connected camera (or series of cameras) that can capture video. The video is available for review via a UI platform that is integrated with MyGeotab.

There are many benefits to using video and driver camera systems for businesses. Geotab users might deploy dash cams for the fleet to gather evidence to protect against litigation, to warn drivers of unsafe situations, to proactively coach drivers for risk management, or to provide security. With a variety of different options available on Geotab’s Marketplace, our customers can select the camera solution that best fits their priorities.

Yes, all fleet dash cameras, video and ADAS solutions on the Marketplace integrate with MyGeotab. Combine your preferred fleet dash cam with GPS tracking from the Geotab GO device for video telematics. View and manage videos in your fleet management dashboard with other telematics data. Some of our Partner solutions allow customers to take advantage of Geotab rules and exceptions in order to govern when video is captured or bookmarked.

Yes, Geotab offers integrated fleet dash camera and video solutions for every type of commercial vehicle, such as heavy-duty, medium-duty or light-duty trucks, vans, and passenger vehicles. Browse all available fleet dash camera systems on the Marketplace website.

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