Fleet tracking dashcam for commercial vehicles

Support safety with high definition video of events in and around your fleet vehicles.

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Record your fleet in action

Integrate dash cameras with your telematics solution for better visibility of drivers and vehicles. Video documentation will help you investigate and support any claims should a collision occur. Capture even more with LED night vision.

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Stamp out risky driving

Having the evidence to view when an event occurs will help your team stay accountable for their driving behaviour. Get a 360 degree view of the fleet, helping you capture poor driving habits or other unwanted behaviours, such as smoking, tailgating, or mobile phone use.

Manage asset and employee safety with recorded video

The road is a dynamic environment with many risks. Drivers can have at-fault or true collisions, risking themselves and your fleet vehicles.

  • Maintain visibility over driver activities
  • Use video to support driver learning and development
  • Save video records of collisions for insurance investigation
  • Automate notifications of adverse events by email, text, or desktop notification
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Promote safety on the road

Complement driver management with video and real-time coaching. Artificial Intelligence can help identify unsafe or drowsy driving. Provide immediate feedback, and back up any claims with video evidence. Link video recordings with other trip information for a full picture of everything that happens when drivers are away from base.

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Fleet dash cam solutions from Geotab Marketplace

Monitor a vehicle’s surroundings to reduce costs and improve safety. Solutions include video recording devices and monitors that can alert drivers of hazardous conditions.

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Commonly asked questions

Geotab’s open platform enables for integration with top dashboard camera systems. We understand that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Geotab gives customers the freedom of choice and flexibility by allowing them to select the dashcam that best suits their fleet's needs. On the Geotab Marketplace, you can find our available camera options.

On Geotab's Marketplace, you will find a variety of camera and video solutions. Each solution has a variety of features, including live streaming and on-demand video, as well as infrared, ADAS and more. Choose an option based on the features and scenarios that apply to your fleet the most.
Dashcams with Geotab integration are an Add-In for the MyGeotab platform. Installation of dash cam Add-Ins will be assisted by your Geotab Reseller. You'll be able to instal the hardware in your fleet vehicles once you receive it. Camera data, as well as telematics and fleet data insights, will be available to examine after MyGeotab is installed.
Geotab does not directly provide you with dash cameras as a part of your telematics plan. However, multiple dash cam solutions are available as Add-Ons from the Geotab Marketplace. To learn more about Geotab’s camera solution partners and their features, vist the Camera and ADAs page in the Geotab Marketplace.
Each camera solution has different settings for footage storage. To learn more about Geotab’s camera solution partners and their features, visit the Camera and ADAS page in the Geotab Marketplace.
There are numerous advantages to deploying fleet cameras and video, including:

• Live-action, downloadable recordings of collisions for insurance investigation
• Driver risk management
• Visibility over driver activities
• Driver learning support and development
• Automate notifications of unsafe driving events
As Geotab offers multiple dash cam solutions, installation for each will differ. For best results, follow the instructions included with your physical device. To learn more about dash cams, visit the Camera and ADAS page in the Geotab Marketplace.
Dash cams can be used to gather evidence in the event of a lawsuit, to notify drivers of dangerous situations, to proactively coach drivers for risk management or to provide security. Our customers can choose the camera system that best suits their needs from a selection of solutions offered on Geotab's Marketplace.

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