Improve fleet efficiency with Geotab's fleet optimization solutions

Manage vehicle expenses and benchmark against the competition to drive business outcomes from your mobile assets.

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Slash fuel costs by managing how vehicles are used

Monitor and report fuel usage across the fleet. Integrate fuel card data for accurate expense tracking, and stamp out idling or other fuel wasting behaviours with driver coaching.

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Female gesturing at a television displaying fleet benchmarking data

Benchmark within your company or against the best

Set standards and goals for how you want your fleet to operate. Report on current and historical fleet utilisation to identify opportunities to boost performance. Contrast your team with leaders in your field and others to see how you stack up.

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Predict maintenance and get ahead of any issues

Collect and manage engine fault codes and other predictive data. Geotab helps you plan and prioritize vehicle maintenance, to help keep your fleet running and costs lower. Intervene before an engine fault takes a productive vehicle off the road.

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