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Maximise uptime by targeting maintenance to your most at-risk vehicles through fleet maintenance software.
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Prioritise the vehicles that need attention

With Geotab’s fleet maintenance management platform, you can pull engine fault codes or analyse many other data points to identify which vehicles need your mechanic’s help first. With this solution, fleet maintenance companies can target priority vehicles and move from simply scheduled servicing to proactive maintenance, boosting the productivity of both the fleet and the support crew.
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Prevent excessive wear

How the vehicle is driven has a major impact on its condition. Harsh acceleration, cornering and braking can all cause increased wear and tear on your assets, impacting business profitability. With our fleet maintenance solutions, you can intervene when it comes to unsafe or risky drivers, simply by using Geotab’s driver scorecard and coaching options, available through our fleet maintenance software.

A problem detected early is a disaster avoided

Monitoring engine fault codes collected by the Geotab GO device lets you know when it’s time to intervene. Missing such a fault could mean costly repairs or vehicle down-time. Every moment off the road is an under-utilised asset. But with fleet maintenance tracking, you can have fault codes emailed to you so you can get ahead of the issues.
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Manage your fleet smarter, not harder

Diagnosing faults and taking corrective action has never been easier thanks to our vehicle maintenance software. Fleet managers can easily access fault data directly through the cloud-based vehicle maintenance software, recorded by the in-vehicle tracking device. Share this information with your servicing team to target your fleet vehicle maintenance before a problem occurs.
  • Remote vehicle diagnostics
  • Inventory management
  • Scheduling maintenance and automated reminder notifications
  • Integrate to your work order systems
  • Generate maintenance costing reports and control expenditure
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Maximise uptime by ensuring your vehicles are operating at their peak. Solutions include predictive maintenance, remote diagnostics, collision reconstruction and maintenance management.

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Commonly asked questions

Preventative and predictive maintenance are two types of fleet maintenance that are commonly used. Preventative maintenance is routine maintenance performed on a vehicle to avoid breakdowns. When signs show that prompt intervention will prevent breakdowns and costly repairs, predictive maintenance is carried out. Fleets can keep more of their vehicles if they use both of these strategies.
With active diagnostic problems and critical engine data available through Geotab's fleet maintenance software, fleet managers can swiftly identify issues and prioritise vehicle repairs. By focusing on predictive engine health, you may save time and money.
Geotab makes managing fleet maintenance and diagnostics easy. We offer the following tools to help you manage all of your fleet maintenance and diagnostic needs:

• Remote diagnostics
• Inventory management
• Predictive maintenance
• Maintenance scheduling and reminders
• Work order management
• Maintenance cost reports
Driver conduct has a significant impact on the need for vehicle maintenance. A motorist who repeatedly participates in hard braking, speeding or other risky driving behaviour, for example, might cause a vehicle's wear and tear to be accelerated.

With active diagnostic problems and critical engine data available through Geotab's fleet maintenance software, fleet managers can swiftly identify issues and prioritise vehicle repairs. By focusing on predictive engine health, you may save time and money.
Fleet maintenance software can save on unwanted maintenance costs by prioritising the vehicles that need attention the most. Geotab's fleet management software can be used to pull engine problem codes and analyse a variety of other data points to determine which vehicles require your mechanic's assistance first. Prioritize vehicles and shift from reactive to proactive maintenance, increasing both the fleet's and support crew's productivity.
A maintenance strategy is critical because it reduces downtime and increases income. You put your vehicles and drivers at a considerably higher risk of breakdowns and costly downtime if you don't have a maintenance programme in place. Setting up a maintenance schedule also aids in keeping your vehicles in good working order, which can have a direct impact on their efficiency and fuel economy.

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