Fleet fuel management

Fuel is often one of the most expensive parts of operating a fleet. Cut fuel wastage to help your bottom line, and the environment.

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Monitor fuel use to slash costs and carbon emissions

Get on top of excessive idling and inefficient routes to cut your petrol expenses. Geotab’s GPS trackers can also let drivers know when they breach your customised rules for idling, to encourage them to turn the vehicle off instead. Cutting fuel not only saves you money, it lowers the carbon footprint of your fleet

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Real-time coaching for your drivers

Harsh driving, such as speeding, aggressive acceleration, turning and braking, as well as excessive idling are wasting your fuel budget. Remind drivers to make better choices with in-vehicle, audible announcements — either spoken words or buzzer. Promote fuel efficient driving with immediate feedback for your team.

Gain visibility over fuel inputs

Integrate fuel cards for up-to-date information on your fuel spend. Monitor the fleet for predictive maintenance and run your vehicles more efficiently. Set rules and notifications to oversee how your fleet is using fuel. Track key metrics such as:

  • Fuel consumed
  • Fuel economy (km/L)
  • Fuel level
  • Engine idling
  • Engine faults
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Generate detailed fuel use reports

Create a dashboard of fuel usage across the fleet, live fuel consumption, and idling trends. Contrast current metrics against historical data to identify opportunities for improvements, or set benchmarks and goals for future benefit. Track your distances travelled to accurately quantify CO2 emissions.

MyGeotab fuel reports on a white tablet
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Improve the fuel economy of your fleet

Keep track of fuel consumption for an optimal fleet operation. Manage tire pressure, provide predictive maintenance and drive engine efficiency. Set reports and automated notifications to stay informed on your fleet’s performance.


Fuel management solutions from Geotab Marketplace

Track fuel metrics that have a direct impact on your bottom line. Solutions include emissions and idling trend reports, overall fuel usage, and fuel card integration.

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