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Track courier fleet delivery with real-time Insights

Maximise productivity and cut costs in last-mile delivery with premier courier fleet tracking.

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Courier fleet tracking software features

Two dark blue GPS icons connected by bright blue dotted line

Dispatch the nearest drivers or send routes and messages to your delivery fleet

Dark blue camera aperture icon

Ensure driver safety throughout your courier fleet with behaviour monitoring and coaching

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Plan efficient routes to save fuel waste, time and money

Plan efficient courier fleet routes and save fuel

Faster routes and efficient planning helps you deliver more in a day. Get your packages to their recipient sooner by mapping out the quickest route along all stops. Monitor planned vs. taken route to see where drivers aren’t performing or to target efficiency. Manage idling times to save on fuel consumption to save your business money.
Routing and dispatching UI
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Real-time courier fleet tracking updates

Geotab’s live courier fleet tracking lets you view the team in the field as they complete deliveries. Get real-time updates on fleet safety and delivery progress and keep your team moving. Expand the solution to include in-vehicle communications and dispatch jobs to your team on the fly.

Prioritise driver safety at all times

With Geotab, you can help keep the team safe on the road and at the work site. Manage unsafe driver behaviour by measuring harsh braking and acceleration, sharp turns, seat belt use and speeding against posted road speed. Generate driver safety performance reports to manage outcomes before a collision occurs. If a collision does happen, Geotab also helps you reconstruct the incident using your telematics data to support insurance claims.

MyGeotab safety dashboard displaying driver safety reports

Why use Geotab’s courier fleet tracking software?

  • Predict and target maintenance to keep your fleet moving
  • Integrate electric vehicles into your business, using a single telematics solution across the fleet
  • Manage driver safety and receive alerts for unsafe driver behaviour
  • Plan efficient routes to save time and money during courier deliveries
  • Keep and eye on fleet movements with real-time tracking for field assets
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Electric delivery truck

Unrivalled electric vehicle support

Geotab’s telematics platform helps last-mile delivery services plan for the future. As more EV fleet vehicles come on the market, Geotab continues to support them by pulling telematics data and vehicle information into your MyGeotab online platform for comparison. Manage state of charge and remaining capacity to recall vehicles and dispatch those with charge remaining to complete jobs.

Predict maintenance issues and keep vehicles on the road for longer

Geotab’s GPS trackers do more than show location. Pulling engine data and analysing trends lets you target fleet maintenance to the most heavily used pool vehicles or decode engine diagnostic information. Receive alerts when potential breakdowns are predicted so vehicles don’t have to be taken off the road or end up costing you more money in repairs than necessary.

Fleet maintenance MyGeotab UI mockup

Courier and delivery fleet solutions from Geotab Marketplace

Man in drivers seat of a truck with data points around him displaying warnings

Driver management and training

Promoting safe driving habits and training can help you save time, money, and lives. Solutions include risk management reports, fatigue monitors and our GO TALK hardware.
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Routing and dispatching

Improve operational efficiency by assigning and dispatching fleet routes to your drivers in real-time to ensure accurate pickups, deliveries, and returns. Solutions include hazard alert services, delivery tracking, and dynamic routing tools.

Two people standing infront of trucks checking data on a tablet

Fleet management and TMS

Enterprise-level solutions to assist in day-to-day operations. Solutions include maintenance trackers, fleet tracking software, and the official MyGeotab app.

Commonly asked questions

With thousands of jobs to allocate every day, it's vital that courier fleet routes are optimised to reduce transport mileage and associated fuel costs. And that's just the start of the day. The best courier fleets are able to dynamically respond as new jobs are allocated, traffic interruptions occur and drivers run into difficulties.


Knowing in real time which driver is the closest to any job that needs to be assigned and being able to dispatch and message drivers dynamically is key to customer service success. A courier fleet tracking solution provides the fleet operations team with the visibility and insights to be able to plan, enact, and respond swiftly and effectively.

Courier fleet vehicles have high utilisation rates and rack up a lot of kilometres. A courier fleet management solution will help you to closely monitor your fleet's total cost of ownership (TCO) so that you can maximise your return on investment (ROI) and reduce unnecessary spending. Fleet maintenance software enables you to take a proactive approach to fleet maintenance to reduce vehicle downtime and costs.

Fleet management solutions help delivery fleets to allocate and optimise thousands of jobs each day, in order to ensure delivery success and reduce transport mileage. During the day, delivery fleet management solutions help delivery fleets to dynamically respond as new jobs are allocated, traffic interruptions occur and drivers run into difficulties.

With real-time GPS tracking, you'll know in real time which driver is the closest to any job that needs to be assigned. Then with dynamic two-way messaging, you'll be able to dispatch and message drivers immediately to ensure customer service success. A fleet management solution provides the fleet operations team with the visibility and insights to be able to plan, enact, and respond to challenges swiftly and effectively.

Delivery fleet vehicles have high utilisation rates and travel a lot of kilometres. A delivery fleet management solution will help you to closely monitor your fleet's total cost of ownership so that you can maximise your return on investment (ROI) and reduce unnecessary spending. Fleet maintenance software enables you to take a proactive approach to fleet maintenance to reduce vehicle downtime and costs.
With the Geotab GO device in your fleet vehicles and our open fleet telematics platform MyGeotab integrated with solutions from Geotab Marketplace, you will have complete visibility and control to optimise every area of courier and delivery fleet operations:

Increase productivity and customer service delivery
Real-time vehicle location with breadcrumb trail detail
Create exception rules to improve driver productivity
Trip and activity reporting
Dispatch and message drivers dynamically with two-way messaging
Optimise routes

Optimise fleets and cut fuel costs
Improve fuel economy
Lower CO2 emissions
Decrease idling
Reduce speeding
Engine diagnostics
Plan preventative maintenance
Investigate electric vehicle options with the EV
Suitability Assessment

Improve fleet safety
Risk and safety reports
In-vehicle, proactive coaching with customised messaging
Accident notifications
Seat belt use detection
Safety alerts: driving in reverse, harsh braking and cornering, and more

Manage compliance
Vehicle inspections for safety (Duty of Care)
Fringe Benefit Tax management if drivers utilise fleet vehicles for personal use
Reduce paperwork

As e-commerce grows in popularity, delivery fleets are under extreme pressure to ensure that goods arrive in a timely and cost-effective manner, with minimal environmental impact.


Fleet management software provides the insight and visibility to enable you to optimise your fleet management systems to maximise customer service while minimising operational costs.

Best practice techniques that fleet management software can help with include:

  • Rightsizing vehicles to their correct duty cycles
  • Minimising vehicle downtime
  • Optimising routes
  • Improving fleet compliance
  • Instilling a culture of fuel-efficient and safe driving

MyGeotab, Geotab's fleet management software, is scalable, flexible and customizable. Marketplace lets you integrate the solutions that best suit your fleet requirements and objectives so you can focus on enhancing those aspects that allow you to improve your delivery operations.

To improve the safety of delivery and courier fleets, MyGeotab provides risk and safety reports, in-vehicle driver advice, accident notification, safety belt use detection and safety alerts for reckless driving behaviour, such as hard braking or sharp turns. To increase fleet productivity and provide better customer service, MyGeotab provides fleet managers with a complete, consistent view of vehicles on a real-time map, with itinerary data, exception rules to improve driver productivity, trip and activity reports, messaging, dynamic contact with drivers (two-way messaging) and route optimisation.

Even when following the same routes, there are many other factors that affect fleet management and can be optimised through MyGeotab. Among many other benefits, these include regulatory compliance, increased asset and load safety, increased productivity from every vehicle and driver, fleet optimisation and reduced fuel costs. 

Through Geotab software, estimated delivery times become more accurate as a result of continuously tracking the vehicle fleet. By tracking idle time, you can detect when drivers are spending too much time idling, communicate with them and notify the customer of the delay. 

Transportation management is essentially fleet management but applicable more directly to the operations of courier and delivery services. It creates insight into fleet movements and, when used correctly, enables fast, secure and reliable deliveries that better meet customer needs. 

When it comes to transportation management, every fleet is different. Geotab's courier and delivery solutions can help improve fleet operations by providing accurate arrival estimates, tracking vehicle idling and optimising routes to ensure faster delivery.

Transportation management is incredibly important for optimising the fleet for your delivery operations. It can reduce costs and improve driver safety with real-time fleet tracking, alerts and detailed reports. The visibility and detailed overview that this creates allows fleets to reduce costs while improving driver safety. In addition, it is possible to provide accurate status updates to customers to increase satisfaction.

Geotab technology can track vehicles of all types and sizes. We support passenger vehicles, trucks and electric vehicles with our easy-to-install GO devices and also work with a large number of OEMs to transfer data directly from vehicles without the need for device installation.

Fleet technology is crucial for helping support the fleet operations of carriers. Geotab technology provides a complete overview of your company's staffing, assets and costs. It helps with shipping, navigation and route optimisation and also provides crash detection and notifications and high-performance GPS technology.

Companies are operating at greater and greater speed, which means that demand and competition for delivery services are increasing. Fast, safe and reliable transportation of time-sensitive goods is essential to customer satisfaction. Geotab can help you reduce the costs associated with your fleet, increase on-road productivity and improve driver safety using high-performance technology that is scalable, flexible and adaptable.

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