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Hands holding a phone with driver safety scorecard on screen

Alert your team to better driving habits

Coach your team in the vehicle with automated alerts set in MyGeotab.
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Driver training for safe driving habits on the road

By extending your telematics platform with GO TALK or an in-vehicle buzzer, you can provide in-vehicle driver safety training. Set alerts for company rules, and notify drivers of harsh acceleration, turning or hard braking, as well as speeding or driving without a seat belt, with an audible warning.
MyGeotab UI displaying vehicle location and driver safety scorecard
Geotab GO Device saying "Please slow down" to driver

Customised rules to match your policies, and customised alerts to drivers

Geotab’s fleet management software lets you tailor the rules to match your own policies. Only notify drivers of broken rules you set, even if they’re more conservative than road rules. With GO TALK text-to-speech technology, you can provide fully customised spoken messages in the vehicle.

Analyse broken rules over time to identify risky drivers

Geotab’s reporting suite allows you to manage ongoing driver training needs. Identify risky drivers or poor and unsafe behaviours as a trend to see who is improving and who isn’t so you can provide additional support before a collision occurs.
Bar graph displaying driver performance with vehicle number on the x-axis and score on the y axis

Man sitting in the drivers seat of a truck with data point overlay showing warnings


Driver coaching solutions from Geotab Marketplace

Promoting safe driving habits and training can help you save time, money, and lives. Solutions include risk management reports, fatigue monitors and our GO TALK hardware.
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Ready to improve driver safety?

Let us show you how simple it is to use our web-based fleet management software and fleet tracking devices to coach your drivers.
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