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Fleet management software & systems for commercial vehicles

Manage your entire fleet’s productivity, safety and performance in real-time.

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Make data-driven decisions for your business

Geotab’s cloud-based fleet management software, MyGeotab, offers data analytics, reporting, and live dashboards to help you make reliable decisions for your organisation. Choose from Base, Pro or ProPlus depending on the data you need from your connected fleet, and let Geotab help you drive performance.

Key software features

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Understand fleet performance

Collect, analyse and report on fleet activity, to inform data-driven decision-making. Geotab’s suite of standard reports provide critical insights on asset performance. Tailor the solution to your unique needs also with customisable reporting.

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Monitor driver behaviour for productivity and safety

With in-vehicle audible feedback and behaviour reporting back at base, you can intervene before risky behaviour becomes a bigger safety issue. This even includes individual driver monitoring in pooled vehicles, by expanding further with NFC Driver ID.

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Keep your fleet on the road by reporting engine data

Collect engine RPM, engine light, seat belt use, odometer, emissions, battery voltage and more. Geotab helps you collect diagnostic data to manage fleet maintenance and take preventative measures before your assets are off the road and costing your business.

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Live tracking and optimised routes

Locate vehicles in near real-time, or analyse their trip history. With Active Tracking capabilities you can route drivers around obstacles, or send drivers planned routes to maximise their efficiency on the road, boosting productivity. Manage fuel consumption and driver hours, or generate notifications as drivers enter your customised geofencing zones. Allow personal trip confidentiality with Privacy Mode.

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See the bigger picture with fleet integration

Geotab’s SDK helps you incorporate the vast amounts of vehicle data we can collect into your other business systems. The Geotab Marketplace hosts a variety of third-party applications, or customise a new integration with our APIs. Extend your fleet management platform with other sources to improve efficiency and asset utilisation.

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Customise your maps

Choose between map views, legends, and custom map zone shape and sizes to tailor the tracking solution to your needs. Combine collected vehicle information with your own business-relevant mapping to monitor your fleet in the field.

Grow with Geotab fleet management

Geotab’s solutions are scalable to any size business, or expandable to specific applications. Our fleet management platform provides the foundation for growth. Integrate new software applications via our SDK and APIs, or extend the in-vehicle monitoring capabilities with our IOX expansion port. Monitor on-road sensors, driver safety, and vehicle diagnostic information to meet the exact requirements of your growing fleet.

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Simplify the management of your fleet

MyGeotab provides standard and customisable reporting and dashboards to give you complete oversight. Monitor your customised dashboard to see key metrics as your fleet operates - notice how driving behaviour, vehicle make & model and time of day each impact fuel consumption. MyGeotab is also available in several languages to help implement it for all team members across the globe.

Powerful fleet management software to harness your data

MyGeotab offers reporting, benchmarking and data analysis to inform management decision-making. Use real-world data from your fleet vehicles to improve driver safety and productivity, asset utility, and the sustainability of your fleet. Expand the solution with software Add-Ins, for a comprehensive fleet management solution.

  • Standard reports to drive performance day one
  • Customise reports to learn more about fleet’s activity
  • Turn real-world data into useful insight
  • Explore the opportunities offered by Geotab Marketplace partners
  • Keep your drivers safe and your assets valuable by monitoring performance

Valuable fleet insight led by reliable data

Customise what data is collected from your connected vehicles with a simple on-off toggle in MyGeotab. Set up bespoke rules and geofencing zones to automate reporting and notifications as you operate the fleet. When you implement a rule to match your business policies and priorities, you can select your notification options, including email alerts, desktop notifications, or even in-vehicle coaching and alerts.

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Fuel economy benchmarking report in MyGeotab on white tablet

Compare fleet groups to identify problem areas

Build functional or geographic groups of fleet vehicles to examine performance within the fleet. For example, contrast fuel consumption for different cities or regional areas, or between different work groups. See how environment or task influence operations, such as the impacts of hot and cold weather, or distances travelled. Set benchmarks and identify opportunities for optimisation and efficiency.

Commonly asked questions

MyGeotab is a web-based fleet management software that displays all your vehicle and driver information in one place. It can be used to make quicker, better-informed decisions based on real-time data insights. It offers data analytics, reporting, and live dashboards to help you make reliable decisions for your organisation.
MyGeotab’s fleet management system offers many key advantages. With options to scale our solutions to any business size and integrate new software applications via our SDK and APIs, MyGeotab is built for all your fleet’s needs.

To give you maximum control, MyGeotab delivers standard and customizable reporting and dashboards. As your fleet operates, keep an eye on your customised dashboard to view critical indicators, such as how driving behaviour, vehicle make and model and time of day all affect fuel use. MyGeotab is also accessible in a variety of languages to make it easier to use for all team members throughout the world.
Key fleet managements features for the MyGeotab software include:

• Fleet performance analytics
• Driver behaviour monitoring for productivity and safety
• Engine data reporting
• Live tracking and optimised routes
• Fleet integration tools
• Customised maps

To learn more about MyGeotab and our fleet management software features, Request a demo today.
Fleet management software is a digital tool used to house data pulled from vehicles equipped with telematics devices. It provides detailed reports and insights based on vehicle data to help you better understand fleet performance. Geotab’s software solution, MyGeotab, keeps an eye on your customised dashboard to observe crucial indicators like driving behaviour, vehicle type and model and time of day.
Fleet management systems work to provide actionable insights into vehicle data by pulling information directly from a connected car and into a fleet-specific dashboard.
For fleets all across the world, Geotab offers a variety of telematics software packages. In Australia, there are three packages to choose from: Base, Pro and ProPlus. Each plan has its own set of possibilities. Visit our Software Packages plan page to see a complete list of our plans and the features they cover.
The Geotab Pro and ProPlus plans offer all of the features available on the Base plan (GPS location, VIN, driver ID, basic IOX support, harsh braking detection and more) as well as a few additional features.

Geotab’s Pro plan offers the additional features of engine and accelerometer data as well as EV support while the ProPlus plan offers active tracking, lifetime device warranty, premium services and advanced IOX support on top of all of the offerings from the other plans.

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