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CEO Neil Cawse doing a presentation for Geotab


Our solutions are powered by people. Meet the dedicated leaders behind Geotab's innovative technology.

Our corporate leaders

Portrait of Neil Cawse

Neil Cawse

Louis De Jong portrait

Louis De Jong

Executive Vice President
Clive Cawse portrait

Clive Cawse

Co-founder and Executive Vice President
Dario Murkovic portrait

Dario Murkovic

Pieter Venter portrait

Pieter Venter

Vice President, Software Development
Colin Sutherland portrait

Colin Sutherland

Chief Customer Officer
Darren Beams portrait

Darren Beams

Vice President, Embedded Systems Development
Dirk Schlimm portrait

Dirk Schlimm

Executive Vice President
Mike Branch portrait

Mike Branch

Vice President, Data & Analytics
Adrienne Jinks portrait

Adrienne Jinks

Vice President, Operations
Alan Cawse portrait

Alan Cawse

CSO, Executive Vice President, Technical Services
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