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Expand beyond vehicle tracking

Geotab’s unique open platform allows you to bring in more data, or combine it with other business systems for data-driven decision-making.
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Develop new software applications or support your existing operations

With Geotab’s Software Development Kit and APIs, you can feed your data into new systems, to get the most out of your fleet management solution. Develop tools and gain new customers through the Geotab Marketplace, or simply integrate fleet data into systems such as your ERP.
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Collect more and better data on your fleet activity

Integrating more hardware solutions into your vehicle tracking lets you monitor activities in the field. Expand the tracker to identify drivers, provide in-vehicle coaching or alerts, or monitor unique parts of your vehicle systems, such as lifts and arms, or temperature controls. Geotab’s suite of hardware extensions support multiple protocols wired or wireless, to ensure you have the best picture of your fleet’s movements.
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