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Agriculture fleet tracking for agribusinesses

Keep your fleet, machinery and personnel safe, productive and efficient with agriculture fleet tracking.
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Agriculture fleet management software features

Dark blue illustration of a tractor with a light blue GPS pin above it

Track powered and un-powered assets live in the field with farm equipment tracking devices

Illustration of GPS pin.

Continuously track inside and outside mobile coverage for remote safety

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Plan efficient routes to reduce fuel waste and cut costs

Connect via mobile networks, or expand to satellite for remote locations

Australia’s agriculture industry covers vast distances. For some operators, agriculture fleet tracking via the mobile network is all you need. Other organisations have workers so remote they need satellite connectivity to ensure their driver’s safety. Geotab offers both solutions. Adding a satellite modem to your agricultural vehicle tracking devices gives you complete coverage and integration, with additional man-down alerts should the worst happen when a worker is out of regular service range.

Tractor with a GPS pin in a remote location
MyGeotab routing and dispatching UI

Agriculture telematics helps plan efficient routes from farm gate to delivery

Agricultural fleets travel great distances, so optimising the routes driven using GPS trackers for tractors or harvesters will save you time and fuel costs. With Geotab’s advanced fleet management software, you can map routes and pull reports on what route was taken. Reduce time spent idling in traffic and save on fuel with Geotab.

Integrate solutions for produce safety

Farm produce often needs to be climate controlled while in transit. Geotab can integrate with your trucks’ temperature gauges or other controls to report on produce safety and keep your deliveries uncontaminated.
Truck transporting produce

Why use Geotab’s agriculture fleet tracking?

  • Plan efficient routes to deliver produce on time and without issue
  • Ensure produce safety and proper cold chain management with integrated stock controls
  • Predict and promote proper maintenance schedules to keep the whole fleet moving
  • Monitor the fleet across cellular networks or go further with satellite coverage
  • Include heavy machinery in fleet benchmarking reports to increase the benefits of using GPS tracking in agriculture.
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Fleet of farm machinery

Include heavy machinery in your agricultural vehicle tracking

Farm equipment might otherwise be excluded from the broad agriculture fleet tracking program, but Geotab fixes this by offering unbeaten integration with all types of equipment. Monitor engine hours and maintenance of farm machinery using farm equipment maintenance software, map zones to plan workload via agriculture GPS tracking and maintain proper vehicle coverage.

Predict maintenance and report on fault codes to keep your agricultural fleet moving

A vehicle with mechanical issues can spell disaster in the agribusiness sector. Produce often has limited shelf life, so delivery interruptions impact all parts of the organisation. Using farm equipment tracking devices allows you to predict and target maintenance issues to keep the whole fleet operational and report engine fault codes before things grind to a halt.

Fleet maintenance MyGeotab UI mockup
Fuel Tax Credit Summary in MyGeotab

Manage your off-road fuel tax for money back to your budget

Fuels like petrol or diesel are taxed at the bowser, but in many cases when consumed off-road, a tax refund can be due. Working with Geotab’s Marketplace partner Prism, Geotab helps agriculture fleets with the data required to receive a tax refund from the Australian Taxation Office - funds directly back to your business.

Agribusiness fleet solutions from Geotab Marketplace

Aerial view of shipping port with containers

Asset tracking

Easily track trailers, containers, generators and other moveable assets. Solutions include battery-powered, solar-powered, and Bluetooth trackers.
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Routing and dispatching

Improve operational efficiency by assigning and dispatching routes to your drivers in real-time to ensure accurate pickups, deliveries, and returns. Solutions include hazard alert services, delivery tracking, and dynamic routing tools.
Trucks lined up at a refuelling station

Fuel management

Track fuel metrics that have a direct impact on your bottom line. Solutions include emissions and idling trend reports, overall fuel usage, and fuel card integration.

Commonly asked questions about agriculture fleet tracking

Farming vehicles can be tracked by plugging in a physical telematics device and then connecting it over a mobile or satellite network, depending on your location. When you add a satellite modem to your agriculture fleet management software and devices, you have total coverage and integration with man-down warnings in the event that something goes wrong while a worker is on the job.

As agricultural fleets travel long distances, optimising the fleet and dispatch routes they take will save you time and money. You can chart routes and generate information on what route was travelled with Geotab's comprehensive fleet management software. With Geotab, you can spend less time idling in traffic and save money on gas.

The future of agricultural fleet tracking is in the hands of the customers who seek it out. At Geotab, we are constantly seeking new ways to innovate and improve our solutions, especially for those industries that may be underserved in the world of telematics. Future plans at Geotab include further advancements in maintaining proper vehicle coverage by monitoring engine hours and machinery maintenance, mapping zones to manage workload through GPS and monitoring engine hours and fleet maintenance.

Geotab’s fleet management software supports the monitoring of various agricultural vehicles. From tractors to ploughs to spreaders, your agricultural vehicles are able to be tracked by Geotab.

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