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Utilities and telecommunications fleet management

Advanced telematics helps you manage important infrastructure

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Key points

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Help your fleet transition to an electric future

Cut fuel consumption by reducing idling times by up to 50%.

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Plan efficient routes and manage job dispatching with ease

See daily, weekly or monthly trends on driving behaviour.

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Improve worker safety, even in the most remote areas

Increase uptime with fault code notifications and recommended action plans.

Keep your team safe on the road

Geotab’s unique safety solution helps you manage safety for workers on the road. Manage unsafe driver behaviours such as harsh braking or acceleration. Be alert to speeding or seat belts going unused as your team moves across your region.

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Maintain safety in and outside of your mobile coverage area

Australia’s infrastructure is often located far outside cellular coverage zones. Expand Geotab’s fleet management service to include satellite coverage. By installing a duress alarm in vehicles or providing man-down emergency pendants for workers, your base of operations will always know when a driver experiences safety issues in remote areas.

Transition to electric with ongoing EV support

Geotab’s unparalleled support for electric vehicles means you can continue to use only one telematics platform as you transition to EVs. Build your future fleet with a telematics solution that provides ongoing support for electric vehicles.

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Why Geotab

  • Monitor safety on the road with driver performance reporting and incident notification
  • Utilise your assets in the field with driver identification
  • Expand your coverage to satellite and continue monitoring outside cellular network zones
  • Dispatch drivers with in-vehicle messaging capabilities
  • Electrify your fleet with ongoing support for EVs
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Manage mobile asset usage with driver identification

Pooling vehicle assets and installing driver identification helps you report on driver safety and performance while reducing the assets you manage and maintain. Identify underutilised vehicles, remove them from the fleet or redeploy them to underserved areas or teams.

Dispatch jobs to field units with expansion options

Expand Geotab’s GPS trackers to include in-cab displays by Garmin. Communicate with drivers in the field and send routes and messages to dispatch them to new jobs. With real-time monitoring back at base, you can identify the nearest team or driver and deploy them to emergency jobs with ease.

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Commonly asked questions

Utility fleet management is a telematics system designed specifically for utility companies. It gives utilities capabilities that are specific to the industry and makes fleet and equipment management more efficient.
Geotab can track utility fleet vehicle maintenance and compliance by successfully controlling the road and project site safety of employees and contractors. With real-time tracking and data insight, our system can help you stay connected to fleet operations. The GO9 RUGGED telematics device is IP68 and IP69K rated for greater protection from the elements in utility vehicles working in severe environments.
With remote diagnostics and fault code notifications linked to recommended action plans, a utility fleet management solution may assist a fleet cut fuel consumption and idling time, provide frequent risk and safety reports on driver behaviour trends, and boost uptime.

Geotab's technology aids fleet managers in gaining a better understanding of their fleet's overall performance. This includes the following:

• Complete visibility of workforce, assets, and costs
• Track fuel usage, engine hours and PTO usage
• Monitor seat belt use
• Reduce CO2 emissions by tracking and gathering insights on idling trends
• High-performance GPS technology
• Advanced dashboard reports
• Optimise vehicle usage by increasing uptime
• Open platform for easy data integration
• Marketplace Apps & Add-Ons

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