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Bus fleet management for optimal public transportation

Get your passengers to their destination safely and smoothly with a bus fleet management system.
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Bus fleet management software features

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Promote safe driving behaviour within your team to better protect passengers

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Integrate with vehicle sensors to manage workload and boost efficiency

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Plan efficient routes using a bus fleet management system to get passengers to their destination with ease

Encourage safe driving with bus fleet management

Transporting passengers requires a commitment to safety. By installing Geotab’s advanced bus fleet management GPS tracking solution, you can report on all aspects of fleet safety during the journey. Generate specific reports or holistic driver safety scorecards that monitor harsh braking and acceleration, sharp turning, driver seat belt use and more. Use this data to reward positive traits or respond to unsafe driver behaviour before it impacts your passengers.

MyGeotab driver safety dashboard UI
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Integrate bus fleet functionality to monitor usage

Geotab’s unique open platform allows integration with all the aspects of your bus fleet. This means monitoring tyre pressure with a TPMS, recording when a door opens, passenger climate information and more. Improve the quality of your bus fleet with Geotab’s bus fleet management software.

Expand the bus fleet management solution to provide driver feedback

GO TALK is the text-to-speech expansion for our tracking devices. Installing this unit offers real-time driver coaching and feedback that alert bus drivers to unsafe activities like speeding. Customise notifications to fit your own policies and inform drivers of safety and performance metrics.

Geotab Talk device saying "Please slow down" to driver

Why Geotab’s bus fleet management software?

  • Reduce fuel usage and reduce idling with advanced fleet route planning software
  • Reward safe driving and stay on top of unsafe behaviours by monitoring vehicle usage
  • Expand your training to include in-vehicle driver coaching with GO TALK
  • Integrate your current fleet management products with added functionality for a higher quality of service
  • Use predictive, targeted fleet maintenance schedules
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Maintenance reminders on MyGeotab

Keep your fleet of buses on the road with predictive maintenance alerts

An out-of-service bus or passenger vehicle isn’t making you money, but Geotab’s GPS devices can monitor vehicle engine data and usage information to help you create regular maintenance schedules to keep more vehicles on the road for longer.

Plan effective routes for fuel conservation and reduced idling

Efficient use of time on the road will save you fuel. Highlighting choke points or areas with excessive idling helps you plan vehicle use better, including informing trip timetabling. Use Geotab’s complete bus fleet management system to make your operations run more smoothly and move more people while it does.
MyGeotab driver tracking UI

Bus fleet solutions from Geotab Marketplace

Dash cam view with UI overlay on cars showing speed

Cameras and ADAS

Monitor a vehicle’s surroundings to reduce costs and improve safety. Solutions include video recording devices and monitors that can alert drivers of hazardous conditions.
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Routing and dispatching

Improve operational efficiency by assigning and dispatching routes to your drivers in real-time to ensure accurate pickups, deliveries, and returns. Solutions include hazard alert services, delivery tracking, and dynamic routing tools.
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Fleet management and TMS

Enterprise-level solutions to assist in day-to-day operations. Solutions include maintenance trackers, fleet tracking software, and the official MyGeotab app.

Commonly asked questions about bus fleet management

Fleet management in the transportation industry refers to the monitoring and collection of data from vehicles such as busses and passenger vehicles.
A bus fleet is a fleet that is composed of varying types of busses. These can be powered by gas, diesel or electricity. A bus fleet can be a company that operates cross-province or country travel or a government fleet that controls local public transportation.
A passenger fleet is a grouping of vehicles that’s main operations include the transportation of people from one location to another. A passenger fleet could include busses, ride shares and more.

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