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Woman sitting at a desk with two monitors displaying MyGeotab dashboard

Driver safety reports for enhanced fleet performance

Every time your employees get behind the wheel, they are at risk. Help manage their safety with Geotab’s comprehensive fleet management solutions.

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Identify trends with driver reports

MyGeotab offers customisable dashboards so you can oversee safety performance in your team. Identify problem groups or individuals with visibility over harsh driving, speeding, seat belt use and more.
MyGeotab safety dashboard displaying driver safety reports
MyGeotab safety alert email notification with car on tow truck truck bed in the background

Create custom alerts to manage safety in real-time

Set bespoke rules for your teams for in-vehicle driver coaching and much more. Send an email, text or desktop notification when rules are broken. Intervene on unsafe behaviours immediately, rather than waiting for the worst to occur. Get immediate alerts to collisions or other dangerous events.

Be alert to unsafe behaviours in your fleet

Geotab helps you monitor and manage the safety of your drivers and the public by recording and reporting unsafe habits, letting you take the guesswork out of fleet safety.

  • Harsh acceleration and braking
  • Harsh turning
  • Speeding
  • Driving without seat belt
  • Driving after hours
  • Collision events
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Driver safety reporting solutions from Geotab Marketplace

Find specialised driver reports tailored to different scenarios. Solutions include ways to track HOS violations, determine fuel economy, estimate potential fleet savings, and assess driver safety.

Ready to increase fleet safety?

Let us show you how simple it is to use our web-based software and fleet tracking devices to improve fleet safety.
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