Use real data to plan your electric vehicle future

With Geotab’s EV Suitability Assessment, you can use the data from your own fleet and compare one-to-one which vehicles can be replaced with the perfect EV.
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What is the EV Suitability Assessment (EVSA)?

The EVSA takes data collected by Geotab’s tracking devices, and matches your fleet’s operational movements with available EVs. By analysing your fleet data, Geotab can make brand-agnostic recommendations for suitable replacements that will offer exactly the same outcomes. This makes the transition to an electric fleet that much easier.

Use historical fleet data to generate a recommendation for replacement based on that specific vehicle’s driving patterns. This report includes an analysis of currently available models in the Australian market, and includes financial considerations and calculates environmental impacts of the switch to electric.

This best-fit analysis can guide your business case or procurement initiatives to make it easy to electrify your fleet, and realise savings and support environmental programs by slashing pollution outputs.
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Why use the EV Suitability Assessment?

  • Use your actual fleet usage patterns to select the most appropriate vehicles to go EV
  • Overcome range anxiety by matching battery range with distance requirements
  • Make the business case for cutting Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • See how much your CO2 emissions could be reduced to meet your sustainability goals
  • Customise the report to your specific needs by including your own organisation’s maintenance costs or financial assumptions
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Overcome range anxiety

A common concern when going electric is the question: “will the battery last?” Geotab helps you compare the actual distance each vehicle covers with the range capabilities of currently available EVs. Be certain there’s a BEV or a PHEV that fits your fleet's needs before you update.

Cover off the finances

Renewing a fleet with EVs looks like an expensive proposition. Compare the TCO of your existing vehicles or their combustion updates, with a range of EV alternatives. Generate reporting based on researched data and your own costs and financial assumptions to thoroughly investigate how much you could save by going electric.
EVSA Lifetime replacement cost summary report on white tablet
EVSA Annual tailpipe emission summary report in browser window

Quantify the sustainability opportunity

Many organisations have set sustainability goals, such as carbon emission reduction targets. The EVSA can help you measure your fleet’s carbon footprint and reduce fuel burn by switching to electric. Measure the tonnage of CO2 you won’t be emitting with electric vehicles.

Case study

Enterprise Fleet Management: Uncovering the potential of fleet electrification

A look at how the transition to EVs could save $45 million and 194,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions over four years.

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EV Suitability Assessment

Built on the largest dataset of real-world EV performance, the Geotab EVSA provides an accurate view of your fleet electrification potential. Analyzing your fleet’s driving profiles to produce data-driven recommendations, the EVSA helps evaluate the viability of introducing EVs into your fleet. The interactive add-in allows for complete customization to run multiple electrification scenarios in a quick and convenient do-it-yourself tool.

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