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Reduce risky driving behaviours with video telematics technology

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Video telematics technology can help improve driver safety through solutions for distracted driving and other risky driving behaviour.

  Everyone knows they shouldn’t check their phones or take their eyes off the road while driving. Despite this, distracted driving leads to over 1,200 preventable fatalities on Australian roads every year. Distracted and risky driving are important issues for every fleet. No matter how well-defined your policies, how frequent your driver training, or how enticing your safety performance rewards, drivers are ultimately human and are thus prone to the optimism bias effect. 


Optimism bias is the tendency to overestimate the likelihood of a positive event. When someone has an optimism bias, they may overlook — or even ignore — potential hazards, which can  impact management and decision-making outcomes.   

Distracted driving is a national concern

Distracted driving is not just detrimental to the safety of people on the road. According to a study by Monash University, road accidents cost the national economy nearly $30 billion a year, including health and emergency services.


Government statistics have found distraction to be responsible for at least 11 percent of road fatalities. To curb potentially deadly accidents, Victoria state has revised rules on mobile phone usage which bans new drivers from touching any electronic devices while they drive.


Although this rule does not affect drivers outside Victoria, it highlights the importance of good driving habits. The only way to prevent this potential damage to your bottom line and manage risks within your fleet is to empower your drivers to improve their driving habits.


Easy enough to say, but how can it be done? While telematics solutions are a great starting point, fleet managers must consider deploying additional advanced technology to help your drivers make better decisions. 

Reduce risky driving behaviour with advanced video technology 

Think about your approach to fleet safety — is your company proactive about preventing incidents from occurring, or are your policies reactionary to deal with the aftermath of a negative event? The best way to deal with incidents is to take measures to avoid having one at all. 

A proactive approach includes an important mix of driver education and advanced video telematics designed to prevent incidents from occurring. Integrating telematics and AI-driven video technology helps protect your drivers, others on the road and your business.

AI fleet camera benefits 

Innovative camera solutions offer technology like machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV+AI), combining video telematics with driving data to help reduce risky driving behaviour. 


How AI-powered fleet cameras support safety and risk management:  


  • Reduce claims and insurance costs with live video evidence that protects your business — and your drivers — from liability.
  • Access video clips any time to see what really happened on the road and in the vehicle.
  • Share video footage simply and securely in the case of a claim.
  • Identify drivers in risky situations using AI-powered triggers from in-cab cameras.
  • Get real-time alerts related to harsh driving incidents and offer immediate driver assistance.

How AI-powered video telematics works

An AI-powered camera goes beyond standard video recording by monitoring and automatically detecting dangerous events while driving. Machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV+AI) identifies sudden acceleration, sharp turns, harsh braking and distracted driving behaviour to help fleets reduce avoidable vehicle incidents, and lower insurance claims and costs. Audio alerts and warnings allow drivers to self-correct before video capture is triggered, and video footage captures moments of risk to support coaching drivers.

Harness the power of Sensata Insights video telematics with the Order Now program

Geotab is pleased to have recently announced a partnership with Sensata Insights cameras which are now available through the Order Now Program with the Geotab Marketplace. Order Now makes it easy to quickly add solutions to your cart in MyGeotab, creating a seamless purchasing experience.


KP2 technology, powered by Sensata Insights, integrated with the new Geotab Camera Add-In is a comprehensive video telematics solution that helps optimise fleet efficiency, improve vehicle and driver safety, increase visibility and cut down on distracted driving behaviour before it happens. 

Innovative features of Sensata KP2 and Geotab’s Camera Add-In

The KP2 road-facing HD dashcam records potential events and stores them in the cloud for fast review. Its unique modular design enables fleet managers to add the optional driver-facing camera quickly with snap-on simplicity at purchase or any time later. 


  • 2-in-1 video/telematics device with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) features and innovative modular design
  • Optional snap-on driver-facing camera provides instant access to AI-powered driver distraction and fatigue detection features​
  • Lightning-fast installation and sleek design
  • Map location and trip histories live natively within MyGeotab

Improve fleet safety with real-time insights

Unlike newer market entrants, Sensata Insight technology draws from more than 20 years of industry leadership in the video safety space. With hundreds of thousands of vehicles providing new data every day, the technology is constantly learning, refining and improving its precision. Sensata Insights cameras help solve fleet challenges, such as:


  • Reducing unsafe incidents with AI camera detection
  • Improving operational visibility
  • Powering insurance claims
  • Increasing driver engagement
  • Providing instant driver assistance and damage assessments
  • Personalising driver coaching based on data insights 


Sensata Insights technology, combined with the power of telematics from Geotab, helps drivers feel confident that they have the support needed to continue to do their job safely and productively. 

Visit Sensata Insights on the Geotab Marketplace to discover more benefits and how it can also be used as a sensor without capturing video to protect drivers and their privacy. 

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