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fringe benefit tax screen in mygeotab

Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) reporting

Manage your fleets and improve the efficiency of FBT reporting with our electronic logbook.

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fringe benefit tax dashboard in mygeotab

What is the FBT electronic logbook?

The Geotab FBT Add-In is an electronic logbook that lets drivers classify their trips as "Business" or "Personal," which helps self-assess the FBT liability and vehicle use records, ultimately helping calculate the required FBT return.

Easy trip classification for reporting

Classifying trips on paper logbooks can be tedious and time-consuming. With Geotab’s FBT electronic logbook, which has been approved by the Australian Taxation Office, you can simplify the workflow by collecting the data from your fleet in a timely manner and submitting it for FBT reporting. 

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Improve efficiency for drivers and administrators

Drivers can record the purpose of each trip as “Business” or “Personal” via the Drive App on their smartphone. These records will be visible in real-time via MyGeotab, which will help administrators receive an overview of the FBT vehicles, drivers and classification status. 

Logbook data collection has never been easier

Save time and reduce back-office administration work by moving away from paper logbooks. With Geotab FBT electronic logbook, administrators can manage data for FBT reporting with peace of mind.

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Run your fleets and manage FBT reporting efficiently

Let us show you how simple it is to use our Geotab FBT Electronic logbook.

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