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Taking charge

Gain deeper insight into fleet electrification

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It’s no secret that fleet managers are starting to take more initiative in moving towards more sustainable and energy-efficient ways of operating. With the growing number of emission targets and government regulations, a lot of businesses are taking a closer look at adding EVs to their fleet. Understandably, this is met with a lot of questions, like how to decide when and where to invest in EV technology and deploy EVs, how much it will cost and to what extent these vehicles can help reduce emissions.


“Taking charge” covers insights from across the electrification journey. The study included over 1.3 million internal combustion engine vehicles to shed a unique light on the potential role that transitioning these vehicles can play in any sized fleet. Additionally, Geotab covers findings from over 5000 early-adopter EV fleets in North America and Europe, highlighting the intricacies of current EV deployments, offering insights into true utilisation and charging requirements.


You’ll learn about:

  • To what extent fleet EVs could meet the needs of current light-, medium- and heavy-duty fleets today
  • What fleets can do today to deploy the right vehicles for the right job and ensure a successful transition
  • What decisions early-adopter fleets make about EVs when it comes to when, where, how often and at what levels to charge
  • How fleets can ensure they maximise their EV's benefits and ensure optimal performance

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