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Telstra 3G Shutdown Extension gives Fleet Managers more Time to Upgrade

Last updated on May 10, 2024 in Updates by Geotab Team |  2 minute read

LTE Reprieve an opportunity for fleet managers to upgrade

Telstra decided to delay the shutdown of 3G network until August 31 over concerns that many mobile handsets would be unable to make emergency calls. It also gives extra time for fleet managers who might be using 3G telematics devices in their vehicles.   


For this reason, an upgrade to newer devices should be an urgent priority for any fleet manager who hasn’t already made the switch. Telstra’s delay might feel like a reprieve, but it is not a reason to delay. Fleet managers should seize this crucial period to facilitate a smooth and effective transition. It is an opportunity to ensure that their fleet operations are not just maintained but significantly enhanced with the faster, more reliable, and efficient capabilities of LTE technology.

Why upgrade to LTE Technology?

The cessation of 3G networks is both inevitable and crucial, with Telstra leading the phase-out in Australia to make way for more robust and efficient technologies like LTE. By switching off 3G, which has served since 2006, telecommunications providers will make way for superior alternatives that promise faster data transmission, increased stability, flexibility, and improved reliability.


For fleet managers, this is particularly pertinent. Geotab’s latest LTE telematics devices, such as the Geotab GO9, offer not only enhanced processing power and storage but also ensure that your fleet remains on the cutting edge of technology, avoiding obsolescence and ensuring seamless operations.

Why LTE tech is better for fleet managers 

Enhanced data transmission: LTE technology offers significantly faster data speeds, allowing for real-time tracking and management of fleet vehicles. This speed is crucial for critical decision-making and efficient fleet management.


Increased network reliability: With LTE technology, fleet managers can enjoy greater network coverage and reliability, reducing downtime and improving overall operational efficiency.


Advanced telematics features: Upgrading to devices like the Geotab GO9 brings advanced features that are not available in older models, such as improved diagnostics, enhanced driver safety features, and better fuel management systems.

Seize the moment: planning your upgrade

With Telstra's delay, fleet managers who are yet to make the switch now have a perfect window to plan and execute their technology transition. Here’s how you can capitalize on this opportunity.


Inventory assessment: Conduct a thorough review of all your current devices to determine which are still on 3G. This will help you understand the scope of the upgrade needed.


Consult with experts: Engage with Geotab Partners who can offer expert advice on the best LTE devices suited to your needs and help facilitate a smooth transition.


Schedule upgrades strategically: Align your device upgrades with fleet turnover or scheduled maintenance to minimize disruptions to your operations.


Educate your team: Ensure that your fleet team is well-informed about the benefits and operational changes associated with the new LTE devices. This will help in achieving a smoother transition and quicker adoption.


Act now

The upcoming 3G shutdown is a pivotal moment for technological advancement in fleet management. By upgrading to LTE technology, you are not merely keeping pace with technology – you are also positioning your fleet for greater efficiency, safety and reliability. The extended deadline by Telstra is an opportunity to make this transition with minimal disruption. Embrace this change, and let Geotab guide you into the future of fleet management.

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