Advanced fleet management reporting

Customised, detailed reports on your fleet’s performance, at your fingertips.

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Summarise fleet trips, or dig deeper with advanced trip history

Geotab collects the data, but you choose how to view it. Understand your fleet and work on specific focus areas.. Use our standard reporting features such as the Driver Safety Scorecard to improve driver safety across the team, or run a speeding report to see conflict between actual speeds driven versus posted road speed. Standard and custom reporting lets you use your data how you like, for the best analytical insights.

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Trips history report in MyGeotab UI in a browser window

Comprehensive risk management reporting

Driving patterns will show you the safety, efficiency and productivity of your fleet. Track driver behaviour and manage risks and leverage opportunities to get value out of every asset on the road. Reduce vehicle idling and fuel waste, or get alerts for engine abuse or faults.

View exceptions, summarised or a detailed exploration of driver behaviour

Every trip leaves a breadcrumb trail of events, recorded by the in-vehicle tracking device. Manage how your fleet vehicles are used trip by trip, or summarised for an accurate productivity assessment. Identify problematic trends, and dig deeper into specific trips to view speeding, harsh driving and more, to evaluate your drivers.

Risk management report in MyGeotab UI on a desktop computer monitor
Collision report in MyGeotab UI on a white tablet

Reconstruct collisions with data

In the event of a collision, the in-built accelerometer and gyroscope help you reconstruct the event, and the behaviours leading up to it. Understand what happened before, during and after, to support training and help avoid repair, insurance or litigation costs.


Reporting solutions from Geotab Marketplace

Find specialised reports tailored to different scenarios. Solutions include ways to track HOS violations, determine fuel economy, estimate potential fleet savings, and assess driver safety

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How to set up a Marketplace report in MyGeotab

The Geotab Marketplace gives users access to a constantly growing catalog of solutions already integrated with the MyGeotab software. These solutions include a wide selection of pre-built custom reports, which allow users to supplement existing reports in MyGeotab. Learn how to setup a custom Geotab Marketplace report within your MyGeotab database.

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Start getting the most out of your fleet

Learn more about how simple it is to use our web-based software and fleet management devices to improve fleet reporting.