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5 Green fleet technology solutions from the Geotab Marketplace

Last updated on January 19, 2023 in Marketplace by Geotab Team |  3 minute read

Learn how our Geotab Marketplace solutions can help boost your sustainability efforts and offer a greener future for your operations.

In honour of last Earth Month, we want to highlight multiple solutions on the Geotab Marketplace that can help businesses boost their fleet sustainability efforts. Geotab has always been committed to green initiatives and we love partnering with third-party vendors who feel equally as responsible when it comes to the future of our planet. We've also created our own solutions over the years that help our customers boost their fleet sustainability.


Why is corporate sustainability important?

Sustainability has become a very important aspect of owning and running a business. According to Gartner, 85% of investors considered environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors when making investments in 2020. Sustainability plays a key role in investors' and senior executives' decisions, so why should it be any different when making purchasing decisions within your own company?


At Geotab, we are committed to helping our customers operate more efficiently and sustainably. Our 2021 Sustainability Report highlights how we intend to become carbon neutral by 2040, which aligns with the goals of the UN Paris Agreement on climate change. We want to support our customers as they make more decisions with sustainability in mind.

Sustainable fleet technology solutions on the Geotab Marketplace

Here are some Geotab Marketplace Partners that help our customers improve their sustainability efforts daily, as well as some Geotab-developed solutions to support eco-conscious action.



A global leader in dash cams, SureCam's mission is simple: to help fleets run safer and more profitably. The connected dash cam and software provide real-time visibility into the driving behaviour fleets care about, while filtering out the noise. Fleets utilising SureCam's technology see claims costs reduced on average by about 40–50%, with some reductions as high as about 85%.


Find out how SureCam and Geotab can increase driver safety and make fleets more efficient. 

Screenshot of the SureCam application in MyGeotab



Volteum is an electric vehicle fleet management and route planning software. By using Volteum, companies save operational costs, eliminate range anxiety and operate electric vehicles (EVs) as easily and comfortably as petrol or diesel vehicles.


The Volteum solution precisely predicts the energy needs of the EVs for their upcoming trips. The algorithms plan the best routes for all of the vehicles based on this and optimise the charging sessions as well. Volteum also calculates the costs of the charging sessions and provides a continuously updated, live charger database with more than 150k chargers all over Europe. The charger database also shows real-time occupancy data covering 80% of the European market. 


Discover how Volteum can help your drivers play a bigger role in reducing carbon emissions.

Photo highlights the integration of Volteum's EV solution


Pirelli Cyber Fleet 

Pirelli Cyber Fleet is a digital solution for reducing tyre-related operating costs, improving fuel consumption and lowering harmful emissions. The solution utilises a sensor on the inside of each tyre to measure and analyse both temperature and pressure data. This data is gathered and relayed to an app that can be downloaded onto a tablet or smartphone and sent to Geotab's digital platform, MyGeotab, which in turn helps simplify the monitoring process for daily lorry and tyre checks. 


By maintaining tyres correctly, fleets can save costs and reduce emissions. Learn more about how you can move towards a sustainable fleet with Pirelli.

Screenshot of ezEV Analytics that shows the Suitability Assessment for a 2013 Chevy Cruze


Geotab Green Fleet Dashboard

Developed by Geotab, the Green Fleet Dashboard provides fleet managers with metrics on fuel use, emissions, Electric Vehicle (EV) usage and driver behaviour. This gives you insight into your fleet's cost and environmental performance over time, and also identifies opportunities for improvement when it comes to operating a more sustainability-focused fleet. Managers can use the data insights to monitor the success of eco-conscious initiatives, such as anti-idling policies and electrification. Due to this tool being developed in-house at Geotab, you are then able to compare your progress with similar fleets in the Geotab ecosystem as a way to benchmark green initiatives and ensure that you are stacking up against industry standards.


Visit the Geotab Marketplace page for the Green Fleet Dashboard to learn more about how to run a sustainable fleet.

A screenshot of the Green Fleet Dashboard outlining savings and statistics about BEVs


CO2 Emissions Report

Geotab's CO2 Emissions Report is able to calculate your estimated CO2 emissions as a result of fleet activity. This report is perfect for fleet managers who want to track their progress and performance when it comes to reducing their carbon footprint. It is a free Marketplace solution and is easily integrated into the MyGeotab platform so that fleet managers can view metrics right from the report section of their dashboard. Alternatively, they can have the report emailed to them on a recurring basis for easy comparison.


Reduce your carbon footprint with the CO2 Emissions Report from Geotab.

A screenshot of the CO2 emissions report comparing each vehicle's CO2 emissions




Now more than ever it is important to take actionable steps towards becoming a more sustainable business. Through telematics and data collection, it is incredibly easy to take your business in the right direction when it comes to increasing sustainability within your fleet. 

Visit the Geotab Marketplace today to learn more about our solutions and how they can provide invaluable insight that drives a greener future.

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