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Mastering Agility in Fleet Maintenance

Last updated on January 29, 2024 in Fleet Management by Rick Nimbley |  3 minute read

Discover how Geotab's connected fleet solutions can help you embrace agility in fleet management. Optimise operations, reduce costs and contribute to a sustainable future.

In today's fast-paced business environment, adaptability and efficiency are crucial for success. When it comes to fleet management, agility lies in centralisation. Having a comprehensive view of all vehicles in your fleet, regardless of their powertrain, gives a bird’s eye view of day-to-day activities. It reduces administrative burdens, simplifies reporting, and prevents data overload, providing the information you need to make informed decisions. Geotab's connected fleet solutions offer the tools to achieve cost control and embrace agility in your fleet operations.


Agility means leveraging the power of IoT data. Geotab's platform gathers vast amounts of valuable data from a network of over 4 million connected vehicles, but data by itself is useless! It’s the insight that Geotab provides that empowers businesses & fleets to optimise their operations and gain significant areas of improvement like sustainability. We capture and analyse more than 55 billion data points from vehicle movements, every single day. 

1. Vehicle Sourcing and Ownership

By analysing driver behaviour, fleet managers can right-size their fleet, optimising resource allocation and minimising costs. This approach not only improves cost efficiency but also simplifies maintenance scheduling, ensuring that vehicles are well-maintained and agile in their operations. Additionally, Geotab's stolen vehicle tracking, safety training, and incident analysis contribute to a safer and more cost-efficient fleet operation.

2. Service, Maintenance and Repair Management (SMR)

Uptime is a priority for fleets of every size, regardless of vehicle make-up, with downtime being a significant cost for fleet operators, especially for last-mile delivery services. Connected maintenance and repair systems monitor vehicle health in near real-time, enabling preventive fleet maintenance and reducing costly disruptions. By streamlining SMR processes, businesses can further save on administrative costs and allocate resources more efficiently. Although cliche, if the wheels are not turning, the business is not earning, thus keeping assets on the road is one of the biggest challenges that Geotab can support with. Fleets like United Utilities have already started to embrace this insight!


Talking about insight, Geotab Active Insights serves as an AI-driven maintenance advisor. As Geotab devices are deployed across your fleet, Active Insights accumulates essential data about each vehicle and its components. It then utilises this data to provide real-time maintenance recommendations. By proactively identifying issues such as water in fuel, malfunctioning camshafts, ABS malfunctions, faulty EGR systems, and optimal vehicle battery replacement times, Active Insights empowers fleet managers to streamline SMR operations efficiently.

3. Reporting & Consulting Services

Geotab's comprehensive fleet reporting and consulting services aid in cost reduction targeting, compliance monitoring, and asset management. By providing businesses with actionable insights, they empower companies to make informed decisions, adapt swiftly to changing conditions, and continually optimise their fleet operations, ensuring they remain both efficient and agile.

4. Cost Control and Sustainability

Understanding the lifetime cost of electrification is not only vital for making informed decisions but also plays a pivotal role in enhancing fleet agility. By measuring and predicting procurement, maintenance, and fuel costs, businesses can justify transitioning to EVs at the right time and ensure that their electric vehicle fleet remains agile and cost-effective. Furthermore, comprehending current fleet operations and future needs is crucial for an effective and sustainable electrification strategy, ensuring that sustainability is not achieved at the expense of operational flexibility.

5. Minimising Vehicle Off-Road

Vehicle off-road (VOR) time can incur significant costs, particularly for last-mile delivery services. Geotab Active Insights excels in predictive maintenance, helping fleet operators reduce costs and minimise vehicle downtime. In a sector where downtime can cost as much as £1,200 per day, the ability to predict and prevent breakdowns is invaluable. Active Insights ensures that vehicles stay on the road by flagging potential issues early, allowing for preventive maintenance and reducing costly disruptions. One of the most pertinent examples in the non-EV world would be identifying issues with the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and taking action to regenerate the DPF from that insight, before the issue escalates and fails, with the vehicle then ends up in the garage!

6. Dwell Times and Charging Locations

Geotab's platform not only helps businesses determine the necessary charging infrastructure based on current usage patterns but also enhances fleet agility. By understanding dwell times and charging locations, fleet managers can optimise charging efficiency, ensuring that electric vehicles remain on the road for longer periods and allowing for greater operational flexibility. This approach leads to significant savings while also improving the adaptability of the fleet to varying charging infrastructure needs.

Embrace Agility for Cost Control

In conclusion, adopting an agile fleet management approach through Geotab's connected solutions is essential for cost control and sustainable mobility. By centralising fleet data, leveraging IoT insights, and embracing electrification strategically, businesses can optimise their operations, reduce costs, and contribute to a more sustainable future.


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