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Mobility Connect 2020

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About Geotab Mobility Connect 2020

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The third annual Geotab Mobility Connect took place on Thursday 15 October 2020. The event featured over 40 speakers from the European connected mobility industry, with over six hours of live content with themes ranging from new mobility, big data, Transportation and logistics, sustainability and EV, data privacy and OEM integrations from the past year.

Session recordings now available!

Weren’t able to join us live on October 15? Not to worry —you can now visit Geotab’s YouTube channel to access each of the following sessions:
• Sustainability & Elective Vehicles
• Managing Large Fleets
• Transportation & Logistics
• Leveraging Big Data in Europe
• Off-road Innovation with Geotab and CNH
• New Mobility
• Data Privacy
• The Future of OEM and Connected Mobility

You may also check out the post-event blog recap from the day here.