SRTI road safety initiative

Geotab Shares Data Analysis Capabilities for Road Safety SRTI Initiative to Help Reduce Accidents on Europe’s Road Network

Published on February 2, 2022

With global insights derived from 2.5 million vehicles and 40 billion data points daily, Geotab's real-time analytics provides invaluable road safety information or a zero-fatality future

SRTI road safety initiative

LONDON, February 2,  2022, Geotab Inc., a global leader in IoT and connected Transportation has joined the Data for Road Safety traffic information initiative to improve driver behavior in the drive towards a ‘zero-fatality-future’.


Data for Road Safety has established a Safety Related Traffic Information (SRTI) ecosystem to warn drivers about dangerous driving conditions. Designed as an open and transparent system, SRTI information can be shared and used by the participating members in the ecosystem such as vehicle manufacturers, service providers, and road authorities. 


Data for Road Safety members believe that, regardless of which car brand or navigation application is used, road safety information can help the public and private partners make better-informed decisions, potentially saving many lives.


Christoph Ludewig, Vice President, Europe OEM for Geotab said: “One death on the road is one too many.  We are convinced that technology and data-derived insights have a major part to play in reducing - and even eliminating - driver, passenger, and pedestrian road deaths in the next few years.


“Our experience in data analytics can bring real value to the work undertaken by the SRTI group. We have one of the most comprehensive capabilities of real-time data analytics on situational vehicle performance, driving and traffic patterns, and relevant environmental factors in the world. Joining with SRTI means we can share our knowledge and insights with valued partners in the automotive industry and the road community with the ultimate goal to keep our roads as safe as possible for all users.”


Road safety is an essential part of Geotab’s data-driven analytics telematics solution. With more than 2.5 million vehicle installations worldwide, Geotab processes more than 40 billion data points every day. It can use that knowledge and data experience to benefit the SRTI ecosystem 


Joost Vantomme, chairman of DFRS and CEO of ERTICO ITS Europe, says: “We are working hard towards a zero-fatality future on all of Europe’s roads. Data is essential to how we analyse road safety and the DFRS mobility data space is a key asset. We welcome Geotab’s extensive expertise and know-how in data analytics. Having Geotab as member of the DFRS will be invaluable in mapping out how we can make our roads safer and more accessible for all who use them.”

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