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Key takeaways for eMobility Live and National Roads & Traffic Expo 2023

Last updated on January 18, 2024 in Most Popular by Lia Geraissate |  2 minute read

The National Roads & Traffic Expo is Australia’s largest trade show for the entire roads transport ecosystem, and eMobility Live is Australia's most important mobility trade show and conference on disruptive tech and innovation.

In October this year, Geotab participated in the eMobility Live and the National Roads & Traffic Expo in Sydney. The National Roads & Traffic Expo is Australia’s largest trade show for the entire roads transport ecosystem, and eMobility Live is Australia's most important mobility trade show and conference on disruptive tech and innovation.

Highlights from National Road

For this combined event, government leaders and key decision-makers from the transport sector gathered over two days to discuss the latest trends and emerging technology. Over 18 conference tracks were covered, ranging from intelligent transport systems to traffic management and electric vehicles.

Geotab was represented by Associate Vice President Sales David Brown, Partner Account Managers Alkfan Ciftci and David Harradine, and Solutions Engineering Manager Chris Martin who spoke about sustainability, last-mile delivery, and fleet management. Here's a recap of what was discussed:


Expanding electrification of vehicles 


In 2023, Australia has seen a 120.5 percent rise in the sale of EVs as compared to a year ago. There is a growing interest in the electrification of vehicles, amid rising concerns about the transport industry contributing to 19 percent of the country’s total carbon emissions. If nothing is done to mitigate the current figures, transport is expected to become Australia’s largest emissions source by 2030.

Additionally, with the government’s target of transitioning Australia’s bus fleets to zero emissions by 2030, we expect more public bus fleets to go electric in the upcoming year ahead. During this transition, telematics can help fleet operators navigate through the complex transition by providing both data and industry-leading support.

At Geotab, two popular topics we have engaged in this year are around the management of fuel consumption and transition away from combustion fuel cars. Customers can tap on our artificial intelligence to extract important data from their vehicles and make quicker decisions around cost and carbon emissions.


National Road: David Brown I Geotab


The transition into the world of post 3G network 


In anticipation of the 3G network shutdown by December 2024, businesses have been mapping out their continuity plans by gradually phasing out their outdated hardware. With three million active IoT devices still operating on 3G in Australia as of February this year and clear timeline for the shutdown in sight, we expect this transition to remain as the key trend and challenge for H1 2024. 

Besides replacing their outdated 3G hardware, many business leaders are taking a step further by searching for more ways to future proof their operations in the next five years. Australia's move away from 3G services presents an opportunity for fleet managers to upgrade their devices for good. New telematics will put them in a better position to adopt upcoming advancements, while leveraging insights to drive better decisions.

To better support our partners during this transition, we have partnered with ACE Recycling and Australia Post to facilitate the eco-friendly disposal of all Geotab products and accessories in ANZ. Partners who wish to dispose of their devices under this GO Recycle Program can ship them to the recycler at no cost.  


More demand for meaningful data 


Against the backdrop of transitions and rapid changes, we expect fleet operators to demand more meaningful data to guide them in decision making. In anticipation of supporting our partners, we have introduced a wide range of solutions this year, including compliance in heavy trucking, our video telematics fleet dash-cam, and fleet asset tracking and monitoring. These solutions are designed to provide real-time insights so that fleet managers can enjoy clearer visibility over their fleet assets’ location, usage and availability. Our electronic work diary and fatigue compliance management systems are also designed to improve drivers’ safety and efficiency.


National Road: Geotab ANZ Team

In conclusion, the 2023 National Roads & Traffic Expo in Sydney was a wonderful opportunity for us to discuss key concerns at an industry-level. The surge in electric vehicles, the transition from 3G networks, and the growing demand for meaningful data are some trends that underscore the need for innovative solutions, and Geotab remains dedicated to providing them in the ever-evolving transport sector.


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