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Towing Fleet Management

Live GPS tracking helps drive performance.

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Key points

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Two-way job dispatching and communications to attend service calls faster

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Increase driver and road safety through driver coaching

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Real-time visibility of every fleet asset in the field

Communicate with and dispatch on-road drivers

Your towing fleet is spread across your service areas. How do you get the right vehicle to the right place when a collision occurs?. Get in touch with drivers quickly and dispatch them to the nearest towing pickup spot with ease by implementing a Geotab fleet management system and addingGarmin in-cab display.

 routing/dispatching UI in MyGeotab
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Advanced driver safety for a fleet always in the field

With monitoring for harsh braking, sharp turns, harsh acceleration, speeding, seat belt and more, you can keep an eye on the safety performance of your team. Intervene in unsafe behaviours or reward your safest drivers to keep your team and your customers’ property safe every time.

Integrate with your existing vehicle features to isolate vehicles available for pick up

With the unique expandability of Geotab’s solution, our GPS tracker can be integrated with your other vehicle features. Highlight which parts of your towing fleet are actively carrying loads and identify when drivers have the capacity to be dispatched to another site.

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Why Geotab

  • Dispatch the nearest available driver to a new, unscheduled job
  • Integrate with all aspects of the vehicles to manage productivity
  • Real-time tracking of every asset in the field
  • Manage worker safety with driver scorecards and unsafe behaviour notifications
  • Route drivers through traffic or determine the fastest route back to base to cut fuel costs
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Zone dashboard in MyGeotab

Real-time insight for your active fleet

With Geotab’s live GPS tracking, fleet managers can always maintain visibility over the performance of their fleet. Send real-time notifications on driver performance, set up geofences and zones to manage operations or dispatch the nearest drivers by knowing which vehicle is where.

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