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Vehicle with a dashboard camera

How dash cameras can save passenger transport fleets thousands in avoidable costs

Last updated on August 17, 2023 in Marketplace by Geotab Team |  2 minute read

Installing a dash camera is one simple and small change which can save your business thousands. Find out how here.

By increasing driver safety and reducing insurance claims, dash cameras can save passenger transport fleets thousands in avoidable costs. One study found that when dash cameras were used together with in-vehicle and supervisory coaching, there was a huge 60% reduction in the number of incidents. They are also highly valued for protecting operators from false insurance claims and exonerating drivers in collisions where fault wasn’t easy to assign. 


Solutions range from cameras with dual-facing lenses that capture the activities in the cab at the same time as the road, to cameras with AI-powered technology together with advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) and in-cab coaching technology that can automatically detect distracted or risky driving in real-time and provide instant feedback to correct the driver’s behaviour. 


In this article, we delve into the key cost-saving benefits that dash cameras can offer your passenger transport fleet. 

Minimise at-fault collisions by detecting and preventing unsafe driving practices

Aggressive driving significantly increases the probability of at-fault collision. Front-facing dash cameras counter this, by giving managers the full context of on-road activities such as unsafe lane departures, or driving too close to other vehicles. Managers can then provide their drivers with real-world coaching based on their actual road encounters.


Distracted driving is another risk factor that increases the likelihood of a collision. A 2016 study by the National Academy of Sciences recorded interaction with a passenger before 15% of collisions, with mobile phone activity being the second most common distraction. A dual-facing dash camera gives managers the opportunity to detect these instances, together with other common distractions, so that instant feedback can be provided to drivers. Inside-facing cameras are fully compliant with GDPR, with options to either record footage or simply act as a sensor to detect the distracted behaviour.


AI cameras make it even easier for managers, by automatically detecting incidents of aggressive or distracted driving, and recording clips that can be used for tailored driver safety coaching. Those AI cameras that function together with an ADAS with in-cab coaching can provide real-time driver feedback to help avoid serious accidents at the moment. Visual and audible alerts inform drivers when they’re deviating from safe driving protocol, or showing signs of dozing off. 


And dash cameras don’t just support drivers when they exhibit distracted or aggressive driving. They also improve driver behaviour in the long run. When drivers know that their performance is being actively monitored, it commonly has a positive effect on their general driving style, reducing the occurrence of these instances in the first place. 

Reduce the costs of collisions

A 2013 study of commercial vehicles found an 86% reduction in the cost of vehicle collisions when comparing the three years post-implementation of dash cameras, to the three years prior to their implementation. This can ultimately result in lower insurance premiums for passenger transport fleets, since lower accident-related costs lead to reduced insurance claims.


AI cameras with event-based notifications automatically record and store video clips leading up to and including collisions, providing invaluable evidence in collisions where your drivers were not at fault.

Protect your fleet against false insurance claims

Bus and coach drivers are often the victims of false insurance claims, costing the driver’s record, the company’s reputation, and the fleet’s bottom line. By recording and saving video evidence of any collisions, you can mitigate false insurance claims and send the evidence straight to the authorities and your insurers, proving lack of guilt and reducing the administrative burden and costs involved in exoneration.  

Prioritise safety and reduce costs with dash cameras

Dash cameras provide managers with the tools they need to tailor training to the individual driver’s real world encounters – both in front of and behind the wheel. When combined with in-cab coaching devices, the real-time feedback can stop distracted driving in its tracks. The result is fewer at-fault collisions, an improved reputational image, and happier, safer passengers.


The solutions provided by Geotab’s trusted Marketplace providers can be seamlessly integrated into the MyGeotab fleet management platform, to be used as part of a robust driver safety coaching and training program, driving down costs and protecting your fleet for the long run.


Learn more about how dash cams and ADAS can prioritise safety and drive down costs for your passenger transport fleet.

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