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The ultimate guide to the Geotab Marketplace

Last updated on April 3, 2024 in Marketplace by Geotab Team |  5 minute read

Are you curious about the Geotab Marketplace? You've come to the right place! Learn everything there is to know about extending the value of Geotab with multiple Marketplace solutions to choose from.

What is the Geotab Marketplace?

The Geotab Marketplace is a network of fleet-focused solutions that help extend the power of Geotab for companies looking to increase productivity and compliance while lowering operating costs. It includes everything from dash cams and asset tracking, to maintenance and fuel management — all integrated with Geotab's open telematics platform. Marketplace offers fleets endless possibilities to customise their telematics to fit their needs.

Geotab focuses on four core strengths:

  • Scalability — Be able to support a growing customer base and accommodate those customers as they grow in fleet size.
  • Security — Ensure that our end-to-end solution is rock solid from a security perspective.
  • Reliability — Maintain peak functionality and optimise uptime for customers.
  • Expandability — Provide a platform on which Partners and customers can build on and grow.

History of the Geotab Marketplace

In their day-to-day operations, fleets have many moving parts that extend beyond vehicle tracking. They need to run maintenance diagnostics, record video using dash cams, track important assets and cargo — the list goes on. Streamlining all of these operations through one telematics solution might have seemed impossible at first, but it's what motivated Geotab to launch the Geotab Marketplace.


We started off by building integration tools and a robust software development kit (SDK) so that companies could integrate into our platform. We partnered with industry leaders and best-in-class companies with robust solutions to contribute to our growing ecosystem. The Geotab Marketplace officially launched in 2015. It now includes hardware and software solutions for clients to choose from, making it the largest telematics marketplace in existence.


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What is a Marketplace Partner?

The Geotab Marketplace supports the power of choice — we know that not every business has the exact same requirements. That's why, for every solution category, the Geotab Marketplace has multiple authorised solution providers for you to choose from. Geotab clients can always find the right solution to fit their needs.


Every Marketplace Partner is strongly vetted to ensure that they offer the same quality that Geotab provides to their customers. They go through a meticulous onboarding process where they are taught everything they need to know about Geotab products and the MyGeotab platform.


Our expert Partners work with us to be able to provide a more powerful solution to clients. Not only do clients get the power of Geotab when they sign on, they also gain access to some of the best services available on the market.


"Geotab offers high quality, robust solutions through our network of world-class Partners on the Geotab Marketplace", says Carlos Castillo, Vice President of Marketplace. "As a company that is committed to optimising fleet management, it is important that we equip our customers with all of the tools they need to increase productivity, ensure the safety of their drivers and streamline their performance. We're always eager to welcome new industry leaders to the Marketplace ecosystem and grow our offerings to support Geotab".


If you're interested in becoming a trusted Marketplace Partner, visit our integration page to get started!

How do I choose the right Marketplace solution?

There are a couple of different ways to find a Marketplace solution that best fits your needs.

  • Filters: Use the filters to the left-hand side of the Marketplace website to tailor the search to your needs. The industry you work in, the Geotab plan that you purchased, the language the solution is available in or the region where your business is located.
  • Compare: Every solution card allows you to compare that solution to any of the others listed on the site. The comparison tool will then give you information about your selections, including what Geotab plan they are supported under, their integration type, the kind of support they offer and more.
  • Partner solution pages: On a Partner's individual solution page, you gain access to even more information. These pages include a description of what the solution does, downloadable brochures, informational videos, features and benefits and other similar solutions that you could explore. To get even more information about a particular solution, you can click the Request Information button in the top right corner, fill out the request form and you'll be put in touch with a representative.

Marketplace solution categories and types

The Geotab Marketplace is broken down into two categories of solutions; those offered by Geotab and those offered by third-party Marketplace Partners.

Geotab solutions:

  • Adapters & Harnesses: A selection of adapters and harnesses that aid in GO device installation and physically enhance the Geotab telematics system in-fleet.
  • Custom Reports: Run Excel templates against your Geotab data to pull insights not included in the standard MyGeotab dashboard.
  • Geotab Add-Ins: Add additional features and functionality on top of core Geotab products with Geotab-created software solutions.
  • IOX: Connect additional hardware to the Geotab GO device, including Bluetooth® beacon sensors, driver ID, USB charging and driver feedback.

Third-party Partner solutions:

  • Asset & Trailer Tracking: A range of solar, battery and Bluetooth® operated asset trackers so you can track cargo as it travels to its destination.
  • Cameras & ADAS: Keep your fleet safe from collisions and protect your business from claims using dash cams and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.
  • Compliance: Make sure that your fleet is staying compliant with state, federal and local laws using our compliance Partners.
  • Connected Sensors: Easily keep an eye on temperature, tyre pressure and more with connected sensors for your fleet.
  • Driver Management & Training: Make driver coaching easier with integrated driver management and training systems.
  • Electric Vehicle: A collection of apps to keep your electric vehicle fleet operating at top efficiency.
  • Fleet Management: Maintain and monitor your fleet while streamlining operations and improving efficiency.
  • Fuel Management: Ensure that your fleet is staying on top of fuel consumption and implementing the right fuel incentives for drivers.
  • Maintenance & Diagnostics: Better plan for maintenance issues with our Partners.
  • Mobile Forms: Increase driver efficiency and decrease time spent on manual forms by going mobile.
  • Routing & Dispatch: Create more efficient routes and dispatch drivers with ease.

Both Geotab solutions and third-party Partner solutions can be split into five different types of solutions:


Software Add-Ins 

These are software solutions that enhance the MyGeotab user interface. Once installed, the Add-in will appear as an option on the MyGeotab main menu, where the fleet dispatcher or manager can easily launch it with the click of a button.


Hardware Accessories and Add-Ons 

Add-ons are hardware interfaces located in the vehicle that work to extend functionality. Add-ons either send data through the Geotab GO telematics device or use a hardware component—such as an IOX-RS232 or IOX-CAN—to communicate or pass data through the Geotab GO.


Mobile Apps 

As people rely more on smartphones and tablets to get work done, mobile apps are becoming an important part of business in many industries. Going mobile can have a positive impact on worker productivity and efficiency. On the Marketplace, you can find mobile solutions for gamification, paperless forms, invoicing and much more.


Integrated Software Solutions 

The Marketplace software solutions are useful for fleets who need to pull data out of MyGeotab. These solutions can pull odometer values, engine hours, fault codes, engine data and location information. Software solutions can help automate fleet tasks such as routing, real-time tracking and notifications.


Custom Reports 

Custom reports for MyGeotab help you go beyond basic fleet reporting. Designed by our team of Geotab Solution experts, you can download these reports for free and easily add them to MyGeotab.


How do I implement a Marketplace solution? 

Once you've decided to implement a solution from the Marketplace, you can do so one of three ways, depending on what kind of solution you've chosen.

Standard Marketplace Solutions

The most common way to implement a solution is using the Request Information button in the top right-hand corner of the Partner's solution page. Once you've placed your request, a Marketplace representative will reach out to you to connect you with a Geotab Reseller. From there, they'll be able to help guide you through installing your new Marketplace solution. 

Free Solutions

Geotab has built a variety of free Add-ins including software solutions for original equipment manufacturers (OEM), Tachograph, HOS rule management, electric vehicles and more.


Our most popular solutions include Geotab Drive, Fuel Tracker, Collision Reconstruction and EV Suitability Assessment.


To install these solutions, click the Add to Cart button from the solution page within MyGeotab, follow the easy checkout process and then the Add-in will be automatically installed.


marketplace EVSA page screenshot

Go further with the Geotab Marketplace

If you want to extend the power of telematics with the Geotab Marketplace, reach out to your Authorised Geotab Reseller to find out more about our network of Partners. To explore different Partner options, visit our website at

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