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That’s Scary: A Frightening Spotlight on Driver Safety

Last updated on April 3, 2024 in Fleet Management by Geotab Team |  3 minute read

Unearth alarming driver safety stats and solutions to make roads safer.

For Halloween 2023 Geotab turned their attention to a vital subject: driver safety. At Geotab, safeguarding the lives of drivers and pedestrians is ingrained in their mission. By bringing attention to some chilling statistics, Geotab aimed to initiate conversations within the fleet industry. Their commitment to safer roads is a deep-rooted passion and they invited everyone on the journey towards a safer and more responsible future.

The Reality of Seatbelt Neglect

1.7 m drivers admitted to driving without a seatbelt\

Wearing a seatbelt is a mandatory legal requirement designed to keep those inside a vehicle safe. They remain one of the most fundamental and effective ways to protect drivers and passengers. Yet, a truly concerning fact emerged in 2022 when a staggering 1.7 million drivers openly admitted to driving without wearing their seatbelts. This revelation serves as a stark reminder that there is still work to be done in promoting road safety.

With Geotab's cutting-edge in-cab sensor technology, they provide the tools for both fleet managers and individual drivers to prioritise safety at every turn. These sensors beep when a seatbelt is left unbuckled, and the device generates reports for fleet managers to review their driver’s attitudes towards safety. This sensor is designed to ensure that drivers consistently fasten their seatbelts before starting their journeys. This proactive approach not only safeguards lives but also contributes to a broader culture of responsible and secure driving practices. By embracing innovation and harnessing the power of technology, Geotab is helping pave the way for a future where seatbelt neglect becomes a thing of the past.

One in eight drivers admitted to falling asleep at the wheel

1 in 8 drivers admit falling asleep at the wheel

At Geotab, a company deeply committed to enhancing road safety, the challenge of preventing drowsy driving wasn't met with indifference but with innovation.

The dangers of drowsy driving are not to be underestimated, and a startling statistic only underscores the severity of this issue. Astonishingly, 75% of drivers who rated themselves as 'extremely drowsy' chose not to take a break, putting themselves and others at risk. In the realm of road safety, proactivity is key, and Geotab recognised the need for an intelligent approach to address this concern.


Geotab's safety dashboard reports provide a comprehensive tool designed to provide fleet managers with a quick overview of their riskiest drivers and the overall safety score of their fleet. The reports offer valuable insights into key fleet metrics, including speeding, harsh braking, backing up, mobile phone usage, seat belt compliance, and much more. This data can identify where driver coaching can be applied and opens up honest conversations between drivers and managers. Geotab's solution is about empowering fleet managers with the knowledge to make informed decisions and take action where necessary.

Phone usage increases a driver’s crash risk by a factor of fou

Mobile phone use increases a drivers crash risk by a factor of four

It is no secret that mobile phone usage is the cause of countless incidents, not just for drivers but also pedestrians. Not only does using a mobile phone while driving increase a driver's crash risk by a factor of four, but Geotab also found research which states van drivers are twice as likely to use a mobile phone whilst driving than car drivers. Geotab can provide AI dash cams to detect distracted driving behaviours, such as mobile phone usage, or if it is the pedestrian that was distracted, helping to avoid fraudulent insurance claims. AI dash cams can detect when a driver is using their phone, eating, smoking, or otherwise distracted. Through intelligent technology, these dash cams are a helpful passenger that encourages drivers to stay alert at all times, this creates a safer, more self-aware driving environment. and aids in driver training. 

Dash cams encourage drivers to become more cognisant of their actions and choices behind the wheel. By providing a clear picture of what goes wrong on the road, Geotab's tools enable fleet managers and drivers to take steps toward improving their safety protocols.


You could also get to know your drivers and their driving habits through MyGeotab, with fleet safety dashboards, custom safety alerts, and advanced collision avoidance features.

Nearly 40% of HGVs fail their MOT tests

40% of class 7 vehicles fail their MOT

Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) are the backbone of transportation, responsible for moving goods across vast distances. Their reliability and safety are paramount.

Geotab's fleet maintenance solution lies in its ability to streamline the maintenance programme. It ensures that preventative maintenance never slipped through the cracks, preventing unexpected breakdowns and expensive repairs. In essence, Geotab's technology transformed fleet management from a reactive process to a proactive one, where potential issues were addressed before they could lead to vehicle failures.


Geotab's approach is transformative. By harnessing vast amounts of data and turning it into actionable insights, Geotab empowers businesses to predict maintenance needs and avoid unscheduled vehicle downtime, a significant burden for businesses, especially in last-mile delivery. This predictive capability can save operators up to £2,000 per day per vehicle, demonstrating the immense cost-saving potential of proactive SMR.

Geotab's commitment to addressing HGV failures isn't just about efficiency; it's about safeguarding lives and livelihoods. Their innovative tools have reshaped the way the industry approaches SMR.

Halloween Road Incidents 

The risk of road incidents raise by 34% on Halloween

In response to the chilling statistic that the risk of road incidents raise by 34% on Halloween, Geotab advocates a proactive approach to road safety that combines driver education with advanced video telematics. This integration protects drivers, others on the road, and businesses. Ultimately, Geotab's commitment to road safety transcends mere words; it's a tangible commitment to protecting lives and businesses when they need it most.

Driver safety should always be a priority. By addressing these concerning statistics and providing innovative solutions, they aimed to make the roads safer for everyone. Don't let road safety be just a Halloween fright and don’t leave it to chance; take action and make every day on the road a safe one.


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