Geotab and DB Regio Bus Save Fuel and Reduce Emissions on the Way to a Climate-Neutral Fleet

Published on July 12, 2022

Geotab and DB Regio Bus Save Fuel and Reduce Emissions on the Way to a Climate-Neutral Fleet


DB Regio Bus uses up to ten percent less fuel by using Geotab telematics systems with the Fairfleet Eco app driver assistance system. The goal: reduce emissions and save costs


London, July 12, 2022 - After implementing a telematics solution from Geotab, a global leader in IoT and connected transport solutions, DB Regio Bus, the largest bus operator in Germany, created significant cost savings and fleet sustainability improvements. 


The company has been using telematics since 2017 but in 2020 switched to Geotab’s GO9 device. DB Regio Bus is the market leader in nationwide local transport in Germany with more than 10,000 buses in operation. Its customers include almost 300 districts (Landkreise) and independent cities. Geotab’s technology currently supports approximately 9,000 non-articulated, articulated and electric buses, touring coaches, minibuses and passenger vehicles. 


DB Regio Bus is able to save energy and reduce the impact on the climate through a combination of anticipatory and energy-efficient driving. 


Telematics software records data such as the speed, braking behavior and diesel consumption of the vehicles. For example, drivers use downhill momentum and let their bus roll over long distances, saving significant amounts of fuel. After their trip, the bus drivers can look at their results and draw conclusions about their driving behavior. 


A forward-looking driving style is encouraged by the Eco App from Fairfleet,  because a stress-free driving style is not only particularly safe and climate-friendly, but can also be more pleasant for the passenger. DB Regio Bus drivers receive direct visual feedback on their driving style in the Eco App.


The app will soon be available on Geotab’s Marketplace, which provides a network of fleet-focused solutions to help extend the power of Geotab for companies looking to increase compliance and productivity whilst lowering operating costs.


"For Geotab, it is a great honour to have a player as big as DB Regio Bus rely on our solution," comments Klaus Böckers, Vice President, Nordics, Central & Eastern Europe at Geotab. "This shows the versatility and scalability of our technology. A big plus is easy access to the Geotab Marketplace, where users can find a wide variety of add-on applications from our partners. It enables DB Regio to extend the range of power of our Geotab solutions to fit their needs and provide additional services for its drivers across its fleet."


DB Regio estimates that the total savings made, since it adopted telematics, is approximately 25 million liters of diesel nationwide thanks in part to the Geotab solution. This corresponds to a benefit to the climate of a reduction of up to 60,000 tons of CO2. DB Regio aims to be climate-neutral by 2040 at the latest.


The following criteria are met by the Geotab solution:

  • Simple installation of the solution
  • Scalability
  • Compatibility with a wide range of vehicle types
  • Support for sustainability efforts
  • Data on vehicle condition and maintenance
  • Support for electric vehicles

Most important outcomes


Installation of the telematics devices was quick and straightforward. Within 15 to 30 minutes, installation work could be completed in the company's own workshops, saving costs by reducing vehicle downtime. In addition, fuel consumption was also reduced up to ten percent thanks to Geotab’s telematics technology.


"We have been able to noticeably reduce our fuel costs since introducing telematics in 2017.   Geotab's software offers us a high degree of stability and flexibility, and we can involve our colleagues on the ground directly in the flow of information. This is particularly well received by the drivers and by our task managers. This year alone, we were able to reduce idle times by around 40 percent, which corresponds to a reduction in our environmental impact of around 1,400 tons of CO2," says Peter Hecker, Senior Telematics Specialist at DB Regio Bus.


About DB Regio Bus

With around 420 million passengers in 2021, Deutsche Bahn is the largest provider of bus services in Germany. DB Regio operates more than 10,000 buses in almost 300 districts and independent cities. DB Regio Bus thus ensures local public transport, connection to climate-friendly rail and participation in mobility in large parts of Germany. DB Regio is steadily expanding its share of electric and hybrid vehicles. A few weeks ago, Deutsche Bahn announced an order for 1,200 new buses by 2026, 260 of which will be equipped with electric drives. In expanding its local transport services, DB Regio Bus is also increasingly focusing on on-demand services that provide flexible and individual service to people, especially in small towns and rural areas, without fixed schedules and stops. In the past three years, DB has already integrated around 330 such flexible on-demand services into its local public transport network, carrying around seven million passengers.

Media Contact

Tony Brown


Communications Manager - Europe

About Geotab

Geotab is a global leader in connected transportation solutions. We provide telematics — vehicle and asset tracking — solutions to over 50,000 customers in 160 countries. For more than 20 years, we have invested in ground-breaking data research and innovation to enable partners and customers, including Fortune 500 and public sector organisations, to transform their fleets and operations. With over 4 million subscriptions and processing more than 75 billion data points a day, we help customers make better decisions, increase productivity, have safer fleets, and achieve their sustainability goals. Geotab’s open platform and Marketplace, offers hundreds of third-party solution options. Backed by a team of industry leading data scientists and AI experts, Geotab is unlocking the power of data to understand real-time and predictive analytics — solving for today’s challenges and tomorrow’s world. To learn more, visit, follow @GEOTAB on X and LinkedIn or visit the Geotab Blog.

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