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Geotab Launches Order Now in Europe to Simplify Marketplace Ecosystem

Geotab Launches Order Now in Europe to Simplify Marketplace Ecosystem

Published on November 9, 2022

Transparent billing, after sales support and product returns are all available from participating Marketplace Partners

Geotab Launches Order Now in Europe to Simplify Marketplace Ecosystem

LONDON, November 09, 2022Geotab, a global leader in IoT and connected transportation and the world’s #1 commercial telematics provider, today announced the availability of  “Order Now” for Geotab Marketplace software and hardware solutions.

Order Now is a new and simple way for Geotab customers to order solutions right from the Geotab Marketplace ecosystem. As part of the ongoing expansion and development efforts, third-party hardware solutions will be available through Geotab’s Marketplace, making the process easier than ever. Order Now provides seamless ordering, delivery and after-sales support for solutions as part of the programme, allowing Geotab customers to expand their fleet management solutions at the click of a button. Customers can now seamlessly place orders directly from participating Marketplace partners from a single billing system.

Order Now is the latest addition to the Geotab Marketplace suite, a growing ecosystem which offers different partner solutions to help fleet managers increase productivity, improve sustainability, enhance the transition to electric vehicles (EV), decrease fuel costs, and optimise driver safety. By creating a seamless, deeply integrated solution for native user experience, and providing full-customer troubleshooting support to all third-party solutions available in Order Now, it has never been easier to choose the solutions that work best for businesses. 

Partners who are integrated into Order Now can easily manage incoming orders for Geotab and Marketplace solutions available on the programme and keep track of all orders within Geotab’s MyAdmin. With Geotab managing all inquiries, software, and hardware troubleshooting issues, as well as returns, it makes the process seamless end-to-end.

The objective of Order Now is threefold: firstly, it is to maximise the profitability for best-of-breed Marketplace partners that have proven commercial success in their region, and are looking to streamline technical and business processes; for Marketplace partners to raise awareness of their solution in the Geotab channel; and to address the needs of specific customers with specific customisation or pricing requirements.

David Savage, Vice President, UK & Ireland, Geotab, says: “By streamlining the online purchasing process Geotab is providing  customers with the power of choice. The Geotab Marketplace Ecosystem enables users to have the flexibility to buy exactly what they want, with their orders fulfilled by Geotab partners on Order Now.

“With a single point of billing and 24/7 support provided by Geotab, It is the latest tool in our armory to make buying and selling on the Geotab Marketplace as easy and simple as possible, expanding the range of products and options we provide from participating partners.”

Additional terms and conditions apply to those Geotab resellers that wish to participate in the Order Now programme.To learn more about Geotab Marketplace Order Now, visit

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Geotab, the global leader in connected vehicle and asset solutions, leverages advanced data analytics and AI to enhance fleet performance, safety and sustainability while optimising costs. Backed by a team of industry-leading data scientists, engineers and AI experts, we serve over 50,000 customers across 160 countries, processing billions of data points hourly from more than 4 million vehicles. Data security and privacy are at the forefront of all we do — trusted by Fortune 500 organisations and some of the largest public sector fleets in the world, we meet top cybersecurity standards. Geotab’s open platform and diverse Geotab Marketplace offers hundreds of fleet-ready third-party solutions. Learn more at, and follow us on LinkedIn or visit our blog.

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