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Geotab Truck Solution - Tachograph and driver card data at the click of a mouse

Last updated on March 8, 2022 in Heavy Fleet by Michael Schmidmeier |  2 minute read

Discover now the advantages of the Geotab Truck solution and the benefits for your fleet.

Five months ago, Geotab presented the EU Truck solution to the general public in Europe at the Mobility Connect event. Since then, the truck solution is now launched and actively used by customers. So it's time to take a closer look at the services and the benefits for the Fleet manager.

Legal Regulations

Since 01 May 2006 and the introduction of the digital tachograph in Europe, the national legislators within the EU as well as the European Parliament with Regulation (EC) No. 561/2006 have made strict requirements on the digital storage of tachograph and driver card data as well as on the compliance with driving and rest times. These regulations are mandatory for every carrier, logistics company and driver and result in heavy penalties for non-compliance.


However, obtaining, storing and analysing this data generates a great deal of effort on the part of the acting persons. Above all, downloading the data and manually saving it in the respective archiving solution costs valuable working time that can be reduced or completely replaced by

automatic processes.

Tachograph Add-In & IOX-uReader

With the Tachograph Add-In and the adaptable hardware component IOX-uReader, Geotab offers an effective and resource-saving alternative to downloading and archiving data manually.


The customers themselves decide at which automated intervals the data from the mass storage and driver card are to be downloaded. Geotab offers daily data download in addition to the legal minimum requirements. Many fleet operators and public institutions rely on these daily download intervals and have designed their processes accordingly.


For example, fleet operators also use the driver data for applications in controlling as well as for wage and expense accounting. Fleet operators are also increasingly demanding daily download intervals due to the fast-changing driving personnel.

Real-time Tachograph Information

In the advanced rate plan, the fleet manager can view all activities in almost real time.


With the help of various clearly prepared reports on drivers, vehicles, driving behaviour and tachographs, fleet managers can manage their fleets even more easily and efficiently.


The remaining driving times in real time serve as a reliable basis for the dispatcher's operational planning and actively help to avoid fines and violations.


In addition to an overview of the downloads already completed for each driver card and mass memory, the system also offers numerous reminder functions to be informed about missing data before the legal deadline expires.

Archiving & Infringement Module

With the archiving and infringement module in the Tachograph Add-In, Geotab offers fleet managers not only remote download and real-time tachograph status, but also the possibility to archive driver and vehicle data in compliance with the law, and to check the data for infringements — all at a glance, in one user interface.


Fleet managers can save time and have fewer worries with automated record storage. Their files are automatically stored or can be manually archived via an import function. All reports, such as the certificate of exempt days or the infringement report per driver, can be exported at the click of a mouse and printed and sent for reporting and driver instruction. A detailed overview of all activities per driver as well as the illustrated graphical view of driving times, breaks and rest periods allows for a more exact and legally compliant analysis of the data.


In addition to its own archiving and violation module, Geotab offers the possibility to integrate other applications, as well as numerous other Geotab Marketplace solutions, for example, the web-based archiving from VDO (TIS WEB) or the archiving solution from Softwarebüro Zauner are already integration partners.

Company Card Hosting

A further service that has become increasingly important for customers in recent years is the hosting of company cards by the reseller.


Special card hosting systems ensure that several hundred company cards from different customers simultaneously execute the authentication process between the tachograph and the remote download server. Delays in the automated remote download are thus prevented and customers avoid having to purchase expensive additional IT infrastructure. They can therefore better focus on the value-adding tasks and challenges of their business. Geotab offers with its Remote Download RCS application the possibility to integrate such card hosting systems and thus ensures efficient download management.


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