Geotab's First Brunch Hub

The value of Geotab’s Brunch Hub

Last updated on March 8, 2024 in Fleet Management by Geotab Team |  1 minute read

Experience the Geotab’s inaugural Brunch Hub event with United Utilities' testimonials, gaining valuable insights into telematics solutions.

Geotab’s first Brunch Hub on June 21st 2023 introduced a platform for fleet managers to gather and connect. Brunch Hub facilitates candid conversations and the sharing of best practices among dedicated fleet professionals. United Utilities shared their journey toward improved data accuracy, enhanced safety measures, and gathering valuable insights for transitioning to a low-carbon fleet. Geotab's comprehensive features, including the GO9 device and the Green Fleet Dashboard, continue to empower United Utilities in its pursuit of sustainable and efficient fleet operations.


A last-mile delivery fleet manager expressed that participating in the Brunch Hub event provided their team with valuable insights and practical experiences, informing their fleet management strategies and helping them align with industry advancements. Meeting with United Utilities and Geotab further strengthens their commitment to leveraging technology and data to drive sustainable fleet operations. You can read about the meaningful conversations that took place at our events here and here.


Geotab's Brunch Hub events serve as supportive knowledge-sharing platforms, enabling industry professionals to gain valuable insights and practical experiences. 


Register your interest for the next Brunch Hub here to become part of the growing community.

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