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Prioritising Safety in Support of Brake, the Road Safety Charity

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Delve into Geotab's unwavering commitment to road safety. Explore our pioneering strategies, advanced technologies and solutions that redefine fleet safety.

On the 8th of January, Geotab UK’s team will be skydiving in order to fundraise for a vital charity, Brake, a charity committed to preventing road accidents and supporting the victims of such incidents. This exemplifies the unwavering commitment of Geotab to advocate for road safety and create a world where safer roads are a reality for all. 

Changing the Safety Landscape Through Innovation

Our commitment to road safety goes beyond words; it's ingrained in every solution we offer. Geotab is at the forefront of driving innovation for safer roads, with an array of cutting-edge tools that redefine fleet safety:

  • Safety Reporting: Geotab's Safety Score is a game-changer, evaluating driver conduct and providing actionable insights for fleet managers. Through constant monitoring of factors like abrupt braking, sharp turns, and speeding, Geotab enables organizations to pinpoint risky driving patterns and implement targeted training interventions.
  • Collision Reconstruction: Geotab’s telematics technology acts as a virtual witness during accidents, capturing critical data to understand events leading to collisions. This information refines road safety protocols and paves the way for safer roads.
  • Instant Feedback for Real-time Improvements: Geotab's real-time feedback mechanism keeps drivers informed about their driving behaviour via instant audible alerts. This proactive feedback loop fosters safer driving habits and empowers drivers to make immediate corrections.
  • Integrated Dash Cams: Geotab's advanced dash cam integrations enhance fleet safety by recording HD trip videos, detecting risky events, predicting collisions, and offering performance insights for effective driver coaching. From dash cams that use AI to detect when a driver is eating, smoking, or otherwise distracted and send vital alerts automatically, to rear-facing cameras that can help your fleet avoid false insurance claims, you can find the camera right for you in Geotab Marketplace.
  • Driver Coaching: Geotab's integrated solutions enable real-time monitoring of risky driving behaviours, in-vehicle feedback, and driver recognition. Build a safety culture, reduce speeding, idling, and fuel consumption, and access coaching tools through the Geotab Marketplace.
  • Holistic Fleet Optimisation: Our solutions extend beyond individual drivers to encompass fleet management optimisation. By streamlining routes, monitoring maintenance, and ensuring compliance, Geotab contributes to overall road safety and reliability.

The Significance of Fleet and Driver Safety

With around 20 million vehicles driven by businesses in Great Britain, the statistics paint a significant risk picture. Approximately 40,000 people annually are injured in collisions involving work-related driving.

The odds of being involved in an injury collision while driving for work are just 1 in 500, highlighting the stark reality. Despite this, the belief that such incidents won't occur remains prevalent. However, businesses are legally obligated to minimise risks to staff and others affected by their operations.

By distributing responsibilities across the organisation, businesses can foster safety:

  • Directors and managers identify and manage risks, implement policies, and ensure compliance.
  • Drivers adhere to procedures, driving responsibly and following road safety regulations.
  • Line managers play a vital role in preventing unreasonable demands that may encourage risky behaviour.

Understanding these responsibilities and working collaboratively yields benefits like reduced driver risk, fewer incidents attributed to the business, and lower operational costs. Acknowledging and acting on these responsibilities ensures collective contributions to enhanced road safety.

Supporting Brake: Your Contribution Matters

As road safety continues to be a critical concern, Brake is a charity that is a beacon of hope. By donating now, you are directly contributing to the mission of Brake and supporting Geotab's unwavering commitment to road safety. Let's come together to create a world where roads are secure for all.

To contribute to the vital cause of road safety and support Geotab's partnership with Brake, click here to donate now: Donate Now

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