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Published on August 31, 2021 in Fleet Management by Inshaal Badar |  1 minute read

Gain greater visibility into your cold chain operations.

Cold chain is typically referred to as a supply chain that is temperature-controlled. This is beneficial and vital for many different industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical and much more. The chain involves the transportation and storage of temperature sensitive goods, materials or equipment, ensuring theystay maintained and at peak quality based on the temperature of the refrigerated compartment(s).


Learn more about how Geotab can help improve your cold chain operations, what the benefits are and where to find it. 


What are the benefits?

There are several benefits to this solution that allow businesses to transport cargo with peace of mind. The top three benefits are:

Full temperature control 

Geotab’s cold chain solution is compatible with a growing list of refrigerated HGV models, vans, electric vehicles and more.. Fleet managers have the ability to control setpoint temperatures to help ensure that deliveries arrive in good standing and the equipment is used most effectively. 

Efficient communication and reporting                                                                               

Two-way communication features such as alarm clearing provide more control over fleet operations. Through the reporting feature, fleet managers can align with compliance requirements and provide proof to the customer regarding the temperature of items delivered. 

Temperature monitoring in real-time

It is critical to maintain a desired temperature throughout transport, especially for sensitive cargo. With the addition of the Cold Chain Add-In, fleet managers are able to both manage and monitor the temperature in real-time. To receive further peace of mind and insight into the transportation process, custom alerts are available as an option. This allows fleet managers to create and customise temperature thresholds for different cargos.  


Other highlights include:

  • The ability to create customised alerts
  • Enhanced reporting features
  • Error code detection

What is Geotab’s cold chain solution?

Geotab’s cold chain solution utilises sensors within refrigerated vehicles and trailers  to accurately deliver fleet managers temperature information in real time. We understand how critical temperature is in the process of delivering sensitive goods. To help ensure smooth deliveries, this solution is created to give fleet managers the ultimate control and visibility into all temperature related aspects of the vehicle’s compartments. Door sensors can also be added to ensure that cargo is secured and insulated correctly while on the road. 


How to get the cold chain solution

Geotab’s cold chain solution is available with all GO device iterations. It is composed of a Geotab GO device, IOX-UREADER and the Cold Chain Add-In. 


To learn more about the solution, and to take your fleet to the next level with an industry leading company, visit or contact your Partner Account Manager today. 


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