Geotab Opens Platform To Third-Party Telematics Devices

Published on April 5, 2017

New Plan Brings Advanced Analytics and Powerful Data to Any Business

Toronto, ON – April 4, 2017 – Extending its long-running commitment to open data sharing and integration, Geotab today announced the launch of its Third-Party Device plan. Now, customers can bring a third-party telematics device and enjoy the advanced notifications, reporting and dashboards, and data analytics offered by the award-winning MyGeotab software.


As a leading open IoT platform, this new plan is another step in Geotab’s commitment to openness. By treating the platform as the foundation, customers have the ability to leverage the functionality of the MyGeotab platform without overhauling their existing telematics device implementations.


“We believe that regardless of the telematics device, fleets should have the ability to use the fleet management platform that best addresses the needs of their business,” said Neil Cawse, CEO, Geotab. “An open approach has always been our focus with a SDK and open APIs already available. Taking a hardware agnostic approach was the logical next step.”

Once third-party telematics devices are integrated, all devices can be viewed together through a single MyGeotab interface. In addition to the powerful rules engine and reporting these devices will send data to MyGeotab including: vehicle position, speed, date and time, ignition state, engine diagnostics, and more (depending on the third-party device capabilities on the new rate plan).


More details about this plan and others offered by Geotab can be found at

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