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Geotab x Milk & More

Geotab platform helps save Milk & More over £2 million a year

Published on September 7, 2023

Using Geotab solutions, Milk & More leveraged near real-time Electric Vehicle (EV) data to help the team actively optimise its fleet

Geotab x Milk & More

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM (7 September, 2023) - Geotab, a global leader in connected transportation solutions, has helped Milk & More- the pioneering online grocery and milk delivery leader - to provide real-time data reducing operating costs by more than £2 million annually, increasing overall driver safety, and driving efficiencies throughout its sustainability-focused fleet.

Milk & More embarked on an ambitious journey in 2018, transitioning its delivery fleet from diesel vehicles to German-made Electric Vehicles (EVs), known as Street Scooters. Since then, it has rolled out 500 electric vehicles, which now also includes EV80's. This strategic move marks a significant milestone, making Milk & More the first company in the UK to deploy a Street Scooter EV fleet.


Today, Milk & More's fleet comprises 500 EVs integrated with the Geotab GO telematics device, following its extraordinary leap towards sustainability. Together with Geotab partner LEVL Telematics, the solution delivers real-time telematics data and supports the monitoring of driver behaviour, energy consumption, and the economic and environmental impact of the EV transition within its fleet.


The shift to EVs has saved the company over £3 million in annual fuel costs, along with a reduction of 1.8 million litres of diesel consumption and 4,920 tonnes of CO2 emissions - data the company was able to measure and track thanks to the power of telematics, powered by Geotab.


Reflecting on the transformative impact of Geotab's solution, Andy Sandison, Head of Fleet for Milk & More remarked, "Geotab's fleet management solution consolidates data from our diverse vehicle fleet, providing invaluable insights for our business. Prior to using telematics, we had little or no knowledge of our fleet or its performance, driver behaviour and environmental impacts. The improvements have been nothing less than staggering."


With a fleet of any size, the challenge of effectively monitoring and analysing driver behaviour for both EVs and internal combustion engines (ICE) is at the forefront of all fleet managers' minds. Telematics play a vital role in providing near real-time data on electric vehicle status, charging needs, and delivery tracking, while also focusing on driver behaviour and safety.


Customised reports available on the user-friendly MyGeotab web-based fleet management software empowered Milk & More's fulfilment centre managers to incorporate safety behaviour metrics into driver toolbox talks. This provided drivers with invaluable feedback, fostering safer practices on the road. By improving driver behaviour and reducing harsh braking, acceleration, cornering, and speeding incidents, the company achieved a 21% decrease in speeding occurrences. These enhancements not only contributed to safer roads but also improved energy efficiency and extended EV range by 19%.


Looking ahead, Milk & More aims to provide customers with transparent information on the environmental benefits of its growing EV fleet. Utilising MyGeotab's accurate carbon emissions data, the company aspires to showcase its sustainability initiatives and engage customers in their eco-friendly journey.


David Savage, Vice President, Geotab, UK & Ireland commented, "Milk and More is a powerful example of how intelligent data can build powerful insights into a fleet's performance. It is also the building block to a zero-carbon future. Milk & More is an example of how near real-time data can lay the groundwork for fundamental change in fleet performance and a reduced environmental impact."


To read the full case study, click on the link here.

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