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Fleet News Reader Recommended

Geotab secures a spot in the Fleet News Reader Recommended in Telematics

Last updated on May 16, 2024 in Fleet Management by Geotab Team |  4 minute read

Recognised in Fleet News Reader Recommended, Geotab’s telematics excels in fleet management, safety, and sustainability.

Geotab has been included as part of the Fleet News Reader Recommended Telematics Supplier 2024. This accolade is particularly notable as it reflects the collective voice of Fleet News readers who have experienced the benefits of Geotab first-hand.


Fleet News survey respondents shared their confidence in Geotab, highlighting noteworthy performance and product excellence. Describing Geotab's services, remarking on trustworthiness and consistency. Others noted the company's knack for providing "very good" products and services, succinct yet potent praise for the high-quality standards maintained. The "good data provided" by Geotab facilitates informed decision-making, a boon for any fleet manager in today’s data-driven environment. One respondent also shared that Geotab's solutions offer a "progressive approach to work", recognising the forward-thinking strategies that guide the evolution of fleets across the UK. In a world where efficiency is key, Geotab's tools and solutions were also lauded as "useful" in optimising daily operations.


"Being part of the 2024 Fleet News Reader Recommended for Telematics is a testament to our customer-centric philosophy and innovative spirit. This acknowledgement from Fleet News readers is a milestone for us. It underlines our commitment to deliver reliable and progressive telematics solutions. We thank all who voted for us and helped us reach this stage — an achievement that fuels our drive for continuous improvement in the industry." - Oliver Holt, Sales Manager UKI

What Distinguishes Geotab

Geotab is the world's largest telematics provider, with over 4 million subscriptions in 150 countries. Geotab’s approach to telematics sets them apart but in particular, a focus on safety and sustainability are at the forefront of every decision.

How Geotab Revolutionises Safety with Groundbreaking Telematics

At the core of Geotab's philosophy lies a dedication to creating a safe environment for the driver and the public. This involves innovative strategies to manage fleet safety, tailored to protect and enhance the well-being of all stakeholders.

  • Geotab's Safety Score compiles driver behaviour metrics, leading to risk identification and precise interventions for safer driving practices.
  • Collision Reconstruction tools capture valuable data to ascertain the causes and dynamics of accidents, which helps in enhancing road safety measures.
  • Real-time Feedback keeps drivers in check with immediate auditory alerts to correct unsafe practices as they occur.
  • AI-powered Dash Camera Solutions, accessible within the Geotab Marketplace, aid fleet managers in quickly identifying and responding to safety incidents, reinforcing a robust safety culture within the fleet.
  • Effective Driver Coaching Strategies encourage safer driving and highlight exceptional performance, fostering a collaborative and safety-conscious environment.
  • Broader Fleet Management Optimisation ensures not just the safety but also the overall performance excellence and reliability of the fleet, maintaining the highest standards of road safety.

Aside from a comprehensive suite of solutions that protect drivers, Geotab also offers valuable tools to protect our planet. Sustainability is a core value for Geotab, and so they offer robust help for fleet electrification. Fleet electrification is more than a trend; it represents a crucial shift towards environmentally responsible operations. Geotab is at the forefront of this transition, supporting fleets to pursue a greener footprint.

Geotab’s Comprehensive Support for Electric Vehicle Integration

  • Specialised EV Support: Geotab offers detailed analytics and comparisons for fleet electrification, with a database encompassing over 300 electric vehicle models—a feature that sets the company apart as the go-to expert in EV data.
  • Optimised Electric Fleet Operations: Through its all-encompassing telematics data, Geotab helps companies maximise the utility of their electric vehicles, ensuring they are as efficient and effective as their fuel-driven counterparts.
  • Strategic Charging Infrastructure Insights: Charging integration capabilities provide profound insights that guide infrastructure development plans, tailored to the specific needs of an ever-evolving industry.

Charting the Path with Geotab's Fleet Electrification Blueprints:

  • Personalised EV Adoption Plans: Geotab lays out a custom strategy for introducing electric vehicles into a fleet based on performance requirements and vehicle preferences.
  • Real-time Management of Electric Assets: The ability to monitor electric vehicles is streamlined through various map overlays and tracking systems, enhancing route assignments and charging schedules.
  • Charging Infrastructure Development: Analyses of electricity demands and EV charging patterns help future-proof infrastructure requirements, ensuring they keep pace with growth.
  • Assessing and Ensuring the Value of EVs: By closely monitoring fleet performance with reports comparing electric and fuel efficiency, Geotab ensures that initial investments in EVs are maximised in the long term.

Integration Capabilities

Geotab's open-platform telematics system is designed for seamless integration with a wide range of software and services within Geotab Marketplace. This flexibility allows fleet managers to customise their telematics experience and leverage existing investments in other business systems. Whether integrating with maintenance scheduling software, route planning tools, or compliance reporting, Geotab provides the necessary building blocks to create a cohesive fleet management ecosystem.

Research and Development

Geotab's dedication to innovation is backed by a robust research and development program. The company invests heavily in exploring new technologies, advancing current offerings, and anticipating future fleet management needs. This commitment to R&D ensures that Geotab remains at the forefront of telematics, providing cutting-edge solutions that address the evolving challenges of fleet management.

Community Engagement and Industry Leadership

Geotab not only excels in telematics technology but also plays a crucial role in promoting safer and more sustainable fleet management practices. Through strategic partnerships with organisations such as Driving for Better Business, Geotab underscores the significance of safe driving initiatives. This commitment is brought to life by the UK team members who embraced the spirit of adventure and philanthropy by participating in a skydiving challenge to raise funds for Brake, the road safety charity.


Being accessible and visible are key tenets of Geotab's approach to community engagement. By maintaining a strong presence at industry events, Geotab ensures it remains open and approachable to clients and partners, fostering transparent dialogue and collaboration.


Geotab's innovative contributions to risk management have been recently recognised with the award for Innovation in Risk Management from the Great Britsh Fleet Event Awards. Such accolades affirm the company's dedication to enhancing fleet safety and management.


Furthermore, Geotab has significantly advanced the field of electric vehicle integration with the publication of the Taking Charge report. This comprehensive study delves into the adoption of EVs within fleet management, drawing on data from over 1.3 million vehicles, including insights from more than 5,000 EV fleets that are at the forefront of the transition. The report positions the UK as a leader in EV readiness in comparison to other European countries and provides strategic guidance on the effective deployment of EVs, understanding charging behaviours, and optimising EV fleet performance. Taking Charge stands as a testament to Geotab's expertise and dedication to guiding fleets through the electrification journey, ensuring they are well-equipped to make informed decisions for a sustainable future.

Future Outlook

Geotab is continuously looking ahead, anticipating the future needs of fleet management. The company is actively exploring advancements in AI via Geotab Ace to enhance its telematics solutions. Geotab's forward-thinking approach ensures that users are well-equipped to meet the challenges of tomorrow's fleet operations.


Geotab believes in not just providing industry-leading solutions but also in giving back to the community. Through every solution engineered and award garnered, Geotab remains steadfast in its pursuit to propel fleets toward a brighter, safer, and more sustainable future. Geotab extends sincere gratitude to every Fleet News reader whose vote contributed to this award, highlighting Geotab's pivotal role in reimagining the possibilities of fleet management. 


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