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How distracted driving cameras can help boost safety

Last updated on April 20, 2023 in Driver Safety by Surfsight |  1 minute read

Learn about the dangers of distracted driving, and how to avoid it.

Paying full attention behind the wheel is critical for drivers as soon as they start their vehicle. Good drivers can become dangerous "distracted drivers" if they use a phone, eat, drink or smoke, even around a car park. Distracted driving cameras can help companies combat risky driving.


Anything that makes you lose focus on the road for a second—even conversation with others in the vehicle or a hands-free phone call—counts as distracted driving. 

What are the risks of distracted driving?

Why is it so important to prevent these types of distractions, however small they might seem? In 2018 alone, NHTSA estimated that there were 400,000 injuries caused by distracted driving.


NHTSA also estimates that collisions caused by distracted driving cost over tens of billions of dollars a year in damages, for things such as vehicle repair, litigation fees, rising insurance rates and more. As an employer, you may be liable for the negligent driving of on-duty employees.

Benefits of distracted driving cameras for safety

Distracted driving cameras can be used to help coach drivers, enabling them to identify and reduce risky driver behaviours, including distracted driving. 


Here's how driver coaching and intelligent dash cams with MV+AI can help:

  • Improve driver behaviour
  • Learn from real-world examples of distracted driving
  • Encourage drivers to course-correct
  • Reduce the risk of collisions
  • Increase road safety

 Lytx® Surfsight™AI-12 camera technology is a MyGeotab Add-In that uses machine vision and AI to provide insight on risky driving behaviour throughout your fleet. The solution can be configured to provide audio alerts signalling risky driving events, and provide live-stream footage from road-facing and in-cab cameras. 


Integration with the MyGeotab platform means that companies can manage all fleet cameras from a single cloud dashboard. Through email alerts containing video footage of risky driving incidents, businesses can use Lytx® Surfsight™AI-12 to work with employees to help boost safe driving habits.

Order Now: A new way to order solutions on the Marketplace

Lytx® Surfsight™AI-12 dash cam, is available through Order Now, it is the first third-party solution available for the programme.


Order Now is a new and simple way for Geotab Customers to order solutions straight from the Geotab Marketplace. As part of ongoing expansion and development efforts, third-party hardware solutions are now available through the Marketplace, making the process easier than ever. With Order Now, receive seamless ordering, delivery and after-sales support for solutions that are part of the programme. Learn more about Order Now.

About Lytx® Surfsight™AI-12 technology

Powered by AI and Machine Vision, the  Surfsight™AI-12 automatically detects and alerts distracted driver behaviour and harsh driving incidents in real time*, addressing the leading causes of preventable accidents. The Surfsight dash cam is available on the Geotab Order Now programme. 


Visit Surfsight on the Geotab Marketplace to discover more benefits.

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