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Geotab tops ABI Research's Commercial Video Telematics rankings

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Learn why Geotab has been recognized as the #1 Commercial Video Telematics Provider by ABI Research. This acknowledgment highlights our commitment to innovation and delivering valuable, actionable data for fleet safety and optimization.


In this report you’ll find information about:

  • Geotab’s innovative edge – Learn how our unique approach to video telematics sets us apart in this highly competitive market.
  • Details on our AI-driven platform – See how our hardware-agnostic platform processes data from various sources, including video telematics, into practical actionable insights. 
  • A perspective on our global solutions – Read how our collaborations in video telematics and safety solutions offer flexible, tailor-made options for every fleet, irrespective of size or geographic location.
  • Our seamless integration and support – Find out how our 'Order Now' feature simplifies the configuration and management of camera solutions, backed by comprehensive training and support. 

Whether you manage a small fleet or oversee a large operation, this report provides valuable information to guide your decision-making process. 


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