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Drive your rental fleet to the next level

Stand out from the competition with our car and truck rental fleet management solutions, which allows you to optimize payment processes, monitor fuel, mileage data, and engine diagnostics, as well as create advanced dashboard reports. Geotab solutions can elevate your services, making you more attractive to potential customers, and ultimately grow your business.

Key features

Accident notifications

Get ongoing, proactive customer care when an accident happens to reduce insurance costs.

Preventative maintenance

Reduce vehicle downtime and maximize revenue by proactively scheduling and performing maintenance.

Streamline operations

Optimize rental turnaround through inspections, cleaning, fueling, and other maintenance measures to maximize revenue.


The new rent-a-car: changes in the rental car industry

Geotab is helping car rental companies around the world improve their key business processes by providing accurate, up-to-date fleet data on measures such as mileage, potential damages, and other engine diagnostics.

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