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Geotab and the Environment

Committed to integrating sustainability best practices into our decision-making and
business activities worldwide.

Leading by Example

At Geotab, we take a comprehensive approach to environmental responsibility. We invest our efforts into preserving the earth's natural resources through constant innovation and the efficient use of materials in our daily productions. Geotab’s advanced telematics technology and solutions make it possible for businesses to minimize their environmental footprint, by helping them reduce fuel consumption, lower CO2 emissions, optimize routing, reduce idling and aggressive driving, and maintain optimal vehicle engine performance.

Sustainable Operations

As we keep growing and expanding to other global regions, Geotab continuously researches new methods that are socially responsible. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, about 134 billion gallons of gasoline is consumed each year and energy consumption is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 0.3 percent. As a company that develops leading fleet management technology, we recognize our role in protecting the environment and building a green economy.

Helping Businesses Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

One of the biggest ways that Geotab contributes to environmental preservation is by helping companies increase operational efficiency, cut their overall CO2 emissions, and reduce their carbon footprint. Geotab will continue to develop innovative solutions to support the sustainability of businesses large and small.

At Geotab, we understand that how we choose to live our lives and operate our business impacts the environment in so many ways. Geotab is committed to integrating sustainability best practices into our decision-making and business activities worldwide — to protect the planet now and in the future.

Telematics for Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

Advanced Insights for Green Fleets

Geotab provides critical data and business intelligence to help fleets achieve greater sustainability. Hybrid and electric vehicle status data can be captured through the advanced Geotab open platform for telematics.

Benefits of Telematics for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles:

  • Capture rich vehicle data
  • Manage travel time
  • Monitor vehicle diagnostics
  • Predict possible vehicle breakdowns
  • Optimize asset utilization
  • Increase productivity, efficiency and safety
Geotab Hybrid Car Brochure

Environmental Initiatives:

  • Electric vehicle charging station to promote the use of eco-friendly vehicles.
  • Use of Bullfrog Power – the first electricity retailer in Ontario to sell power exclusively from wind and low-impact water power generators.
  • Power saving lights in the office.
  • Recycling of food & beverage containers, paper, and cardboard.
  • Recycling of all electronic components used in our daily productions.
  • Re-use of packing materials delivered to the office.
  • Use of plant-based inks and recyclable product boxes.
  • Promotion of environmentally-friendly methods of travelling to work, including car-pooling by workers and cycling (bicycle racks and shower facilities provided).

What We Are Working Towards:

  • Achieving LEED certification.
  • Increasing natural lighting and reducing dependency on artificial lighting.
  • Increasing the amount of recyclable materials in our product packaging and shipping cartons.
Geotab green leaf
Geotab fleet management device
Geotab GO7 logo

Recycling electronics is critical for preserving the environment. Manufacturing with recycled products instead of all new materials dramatically reduces pollution, carbon emissions, energy, and water consumption.

Geotab gives new life to our GO devices when they are no longer needed, keeping waste out of landfills. Geotab sends old GO device shells to Valu Shred, an industry leader in electronic recycling and media shredding. The device shells are shredded and the usable materials are turned into new items such as road signs. Materials that cannot be reused are disposed of in a responsible manner.

Geotab does not use any mercury or lead in our hardware, making disposal less harmful to the environment.