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Geotab named one of Canada’s Top Employers for Young People for 2022

Last updated on October 19, 2023 in Working at Geotab by Jodi Ann Hofmann  |  9 minute read

Hear from Geotab’s younger generation about why they love working at Geotab.

At Geotab, our students, interns and young staff are an integral part of the Geotab community. Our suite of early talent programs are designed to empower the next generation of future leaders and provide students and recent graduates with the skills and experience needed to succeed in their chosen career paths.


In 2022, Geotab was honored to be included as one of Canada’s Top Employers for Young People. This special certification honors companies that provide the best workspaces and initiatives for young people who are just starting out in their careers. Being included on this list means that Geotab is viewed as one of the best companies in Canada for attracting and retaining younger employees.

The badge awarded to companies on Canada’s Top Employers for Young People 2022 winners list.

The badge awarded to companies on Canada’s Top Employers for Young People 2022 winners list.


Here are some of the reasons why Geotab was selected as one of Canada's Top Employers for Young People in 2022:

  • Networking opportunities — Each term, Geotab's campus team hosts a number of learning sessions and networking events for the student community. Themes range from career management (personal branding, networking skills, resume writing, interviewing and job search methods) to professional skills development (presentation and public speaking skills, time management and communication).
  • Student challenge — Students at Geotab can take part in an end-of-term team challenge where they work together to solve a Geotab-specific or telematics industry-based problem in five weeks. Winners are announced at the closing ceremonies.
  • Success showcase — Towards the end of each term, Geotab hosts a showcase where all students can share highlights of their time at Geotab with other students, managers and members of the senior leadership team.

To learn more about Geotab’s inclusion in the list for Canada’s Top Employers for Young People, visit our profile page on Canada’s Top 100 website, also to be featured in The Globe and Mail. 


To recognize this award, we asked a few of our young Geotabbers a few questions about what it’s like working for Geotab. Here are their responses:

What is your favorite part about working at Geotab?

“I’d say my favorite part is that the company culture hasn’t suffered during the pandemic. Geotab offers monthly online learning opportunities, virtual activities and hosts internal events focused on subjects like diversity and inclusion. Regardless of if you are in the office or working from home, there is always something interesting happening at Geotab.” — Claire Sheehy, Marketing Video Coordinator


“My favorite part about working at Geotab are the people. They are warm, welcoming and they all care about your well-being. My managers were always listening and supportive. Also, Geotab is a company with amazing challenges. As an intern, I had the opportunity to participate in the Intern Innovation Challenge. It allows interns to be involved in the solution process and that’s something you hardly find in every company.” — Sara Shah, Marketing Support Intern


“With Geotab being an innovation-driven company, we are always working on exciting projects that not only benefit our customers but benefit the well-being of our communities. I am truly proud to work for a company that continues to always do the right thing and because of this, I continue to get opportunities to work on projects that I believe will make a difference for future generations to come.” — Jennifer Thompson, Specialist, Corporate Communications


“Everyone I have worked with at Geotab has been accommodating and supportive. From my previous experiences, I know that new employees can fear asking questions or making mistakes; I never felt like I had to worry about that during my time at Geotab. Feeling like I had the space to ask questions and learn while I worked, I think it is part of why I have already made great strides in my career.” — Nicole Riddle, Coordinator, Corporate Communications


“My favorite part of my job at Geotab is the creative exchange: during the implementation of a marketing campaign or the preparation of an event, I like to share my creative ideas and listen to those of my team. Comparing ideas about your work is a precious thing, thanks to the culture of feedback that Geotab itself promotes, everyone is ready to direct you, correct you but also congratulate you for your results.” — Matteo Gabrielli, Marketing Support Intern 


“I really enjoy the work my team does. In Events, there's a lot of collaboration and creative thinking involved. I love challenging myself regularly and learning new things from my team.” — Jessica McKernan, Events and Digital Broadcast Intern 


“My favorite part about working at Geotab is getting the opportunity to work with motivating teammates who inspire me daily! My work is challenging, yet insightful and I feel like I learn something new every day. Geotab has given me so many learning opportunities and I'm excited to grow my career here!” — Hayley Smith, Talent Acquisition Branding Specialist


To learn more about working at Geotab, visit our Who We Are page.

Which of Geotab’s core values aligns best with your generation?

“I think the Geotab core value that aligns best with my generation is Innovate and Develop for the Future. I feel younger generations are constantly taking advantage of opportunities for growth professionally and personally. On top of this, our generation is also playing a role in creating a safer and more sustainable future, which is also a focus at Geotab.” — Claire Sheehy, Marketing Video Coordinator 


“I believe the core value that aligns best with my generation is Embrace Change. Geotab actively seeks and accepts change that will lead to a sustainable future. Every day, we find sustainable solutions in each part of our work to protect and restore our planet. Each department takes action to help ensure a greener future. That’s what is important to my generation and to me. I am proud that it is for Geotab too.” — Sara Shah, Marketing Support Intern 


“Geotab's core value Embrace Change resonates with me strongly. Especially in today's climate of uncertainty, our generation had to really pivot its learning style by finding new and innovative ways to find success. Our generation continues to find new and exciting ways to demonstrate our talents, knowledge and skills that I believe are not comparable to the generations before us.” — Jennifer Thompson, Specialist, Corporate Communications 


Do the Right Thing aligns well with my generation. I think my generation is acutely aware of the climate crisis and focuses on how we can live more sustainably. But we also recognize the need for action from our government and business sectors. Geotab has set goals and made commitments to operate more sustainably and reduce its environmental impact. Along with this, Geotab has also made commitments to help decarbonize the transportation sector. By setting tangible and measurable goals, Geotab can make a real impact.” — Nicole Riddle, Coordinator, Corporate Communications 


“I think resilience (Embrace Change) is one of the core values that sets my generation apart. We have been swept up in so many drastic changes and quickly we have had to adjust to new realities. The world often asks us to be brave and we are brave because we are able to fight to achieve our goals. Even starting a career path in the early days of the crisis of the past few years was quite a challenge. But we are resilient and we don't give up.” — Matteo Gabrielli, Marketing Support Intern


“The core value I believe aligns best with my generation is to Embrace Change. For my generation, many people are finishing school and are hoping to land their dream jobs and start their careers. For many, that was a challenge. It is more important than ever to embrace whatever change is coming and do what it takes to push forward with your career. At Geotab, everyone encourages change where necessary and allows resources to make the change as smooth as possible.” — Hayley Smith, Talent Acquisition Branding Specialist 


To learn more about Geotab’s core values, check out the Geotab Culture Book.

What Geotab benefits are you taking advantage of as a younger employee?

“With Geotab’s help, I was able to discover a new province and gain new experiences without having to worry about my employment. On top of this, their Gym/Fitness program has allowed me to live a healthy and active lifestyle during the pandemic.” — Claire Sheehy, Marketing Video Coordinator


“To help Geotabbers expand their knowledge and skills, Geotab offered its employees a one-year subscription to Linkedin Learning. I took advantage of this opportunity to strengthen my Corporate Communications, PR and Media Relations as well as Social Media skills, which I have successfully applied to recent projects and campaigns.” — Jennifer Thompson, Specialist, Corporate Communications


“I have utilized the office reimbursement program, which I think was helpful as a young staff member because working from home will likely be a lasting reality given the current circumstances around the pandemic. I appreciate the company helping me build a functional workspace in my own home.” — Nicole Riddle, Coordinator, Corporate Communications


“Being a younger staff member means having the opportunity to have multiple guides within Geotab — everyone is excited to pass on their knowledge to help you grow. Geotab offers many training initiatives, thanks to its structured learning and development program. It makes me feel like I'm part of a family that is ready to water a small seed and make it grow into a big tree.” — Matteo Gabrielli, Marketing Support Intern 


“I like to take advantage of learning opportunities. Building experience is important, especially as a younger staff member. The more I can learn about Geotab's business practices, the better I can develop my skills to specifically meet the company's needs.” — Jessica McKernan, Events and Digital Broadcast Intern 


“Our health care benefits and coverage have motivated me to stay on top of my health and routinely make appointments to make sure I am staying healthy! As someone who is starting out their career, Geotab’s home office equipment program was a huge bonus to be able to buy a desk and new supplies. Having an office space that you love is super important when working from home.” — Hayley Smith, Talent Acquisition Branding Specialist 


To learn more about Geotab benefits, check out our How We Work page or look at our list of available jobs to see some of the perks that come with becoming a Geotabber.

What skills have you gained from working at Geotab?

“Since working at Geotab, I have gained a lot of hard and soft skills. As a video coordinator, I have been able to learn multiple softwares/programs that I would not have had the chance to. One software that I have been gaining experience in is Adobe Creative Cloud, which has been super helpful in my role. Some soft skills I have improved upon since working at Geotab are my time management and communication skills. I’ve also gotten pretty good at virtual meetings!” — Claire Sheehy, Marketing Video Coordinator 


“Working for Geotab has taught me that learning truly never stops! For the past two years, I've really learned how to find confidence in myself which is reflected in my ability to make my ideas come to life. Whether it is through my public speaking skills, project management or writing skills. I am continuously working to improve who I am, not only as an employee but as a person to help me flourish in my career.” — Jennifer Thompson, Specialist, Corporate Communications 


“While working at Geotab, I have had many opportunities to develop and enhance my skills. I think most valuable to me thus far, has been project management and writing skills.” — Nicole Riddle, Coordinator, Corporate Communications 


“Above all, proactivity: every day is a challenge, you have to prepare and work on a lot of different things. You need to be proactive to help your team to reach its goals. Thanks to my experience in Geotab I have understood how to manage my time better, be punctual and flexible. I train my creativity every day and every project is an opportunity to challenge myself.” — Matteo Gabrielli, Marketing Support Intern 


“When I first joined Geotab, a personal skill I had set out to learn was working on my overall confidence in the workplace. At first, I was nervous and that showed in meetings. I quickly learned how to be confident and share my ideas, which I was able to do because of how comforting and kind everyone is. I’ve had the opportunity to build my strategic and creative skills by working on various different projects for different teams.” — Hayley Smith, Talent Acquisition Branding Specialist 

Can you share a quote or anecdote for young people looking to join Geotab?

“The quote “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” by Dr. Wayne Dyer has completely changed my perspective on life. No matter what happens, the good or the bad, only you can control the way you react. It is especially important to understand that there is good in every situation and having the confidence in yourself to find that good, will allow you to easily navigate the unprecedented challenges that life may throw at you.” — Jennifer Thompson, Specialist, Corporate Communications 


“When it comes to your personal and professional growth, strive for progress, not perfection!” — Nicole Riddle, Coordinator, Corporate Communications 


“Be yourself from the start. Geotab is a place where you can learn and improve your skills and you are not judged if you don’t know something. Don’t be afraid to ask about something that you don’t understand. There will always be someone ready to help you. In the end, have fun. Working in Geotab is a fantastic journey where you can meet amazing people with whom you will share happy moments.” — Matteo Gabrielli, Marketing Support Intern 


“Always take the opportunity to learn more. Whether it's sitting in on meetings, shadowing a team member or assisting with projects — all of these actions can help set you up for success in your role.” — Jessica McKernan, Events and Digital Broadcast Intern 


Did you know that Geotab is hiring? Check out the open jobs on our Careers site!


For the latest Geotab news, photos and career updates, follow @InsideGeotab on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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