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MAN Truck & Bus México gains the competitive edge with connectivity and digitalization

Published on April 6, 2021

Flag of Mexico in front of building

The challenge: Improve productivity, reduce costs and excessive consumption

MAN Truck and Bus México is one of the largest trucks and bus manufacturers in Latin America. With over 15 years of experience in Mexico, the company provides passenger transport solutions with innovation operator safety features and advanced engine technology.


MAN Truck and Bus México had several important goals. They wanted to improve productivity, lower maintenance costs, reduce maintenance for major damages, provide travel security for operators, and reduce expenses related to excessive fuel consumption. To stand by one of their main pillars which is connectivity and digitalization — they knew implementing a solution for their MAN and Volkswagen brands in the Mexican market was the best option. Having reliable information on vehicles and driving would help them make better decisions in a timely manner.


They also wanted to become a leader in their segment, and by using telematics installed as an OEM, this put them ahead of their competition.

The solution: Real-time fleet and engine monitoring

To address business needs and solve issues, MAN Truck & Bus México installed Geotab GO vehicle tracking devices in their fleet vehicles, as well as the Didcom CLG - CAN Logger Guard for engine analysis and protection. Didcom, a Geotab Reseller, designed the product which interacts directly with the vehicle technology, and with the Geotab GO device, it oversees processing of all the CAN information of the vehicle. It controls the different functionalities of the solution and is in charge of managing the communication between the different products and making action decisions before any established configuration.


The development of this solution required the collaboration of the different technological areas of MAN Truck & Bus México and Didcom at each stage of the process, since the products developed have functional, physical and logical interaction with the OEM technology. Likewise, the solution had to foresee different operational needs that had to be solved with the development of this technology, with the main idea of ​​providing benefits for both MAN Truck & Bus México and its customers.


A personalized web platform with MAN & VW Identity (MAN | VOLKS Telematics) was created by Didcom, based on the technology, structure and capabilities of MyGeotab and complementing it with big data technology. A unique platform with its own brand identity, which is highly versatile, scalable, flexible and above all reliable.

The results:

With the help of Geotab and Didcom, MAN Truck and Bus México can offer their clients cutting-edge technology that allows real-time monitoring of all parameters related to operation, engine condition, logistics and safety, as well as functions that extend the life of vehicles, increase the uptime of the fleet and lower operating costs by increasing efficiency. It is the benefits of telematics technology and maximum performance that characterizes the success of MAN Truck and Bus México.


The result of this development and its implementation has been extremely satisfactory. This solution marks a milestone in the MAN and Volkswagen brands in México, as it represents a great advance and is the result of effort and teamwork, in order to give certainty to the client about the status and performance of the units. Without a doubt, it is an added value that adds to the benefits of technology and maximum performance that characterize our trucks and buses.


OEMs are increasingly starting to offer their own FMS solution as standard, which is why MAN Truck & Bus Mexico has found a strategic partner to offer solution customization Geotab and Didcom. The expectation of MAN Truck & Bus Mexico, in the medium term, is that all trucks and buses of the MAN and Volkswagen brands are equipped with this technology.


Results summary:

  • Offer connectivity and digitalization to the clients
  • Facilitate the analysis and decision-making process for the company
  • Decrease in high expenses for corrective maintenance
  • Decreased fuel consumption due to idle time
  • Increased engine life
  • Configurable in parameters, times and processes, according to customer specifications
  • Deliver added value to customers

From the fleet manager

“Our solution MAN | Volks Telematics will allow transport companies to reduce the risk of theft of units on the roads, by being monitored with a telematics device and being able to act at the moment when an incident is identified out of the ordinary. Today we know that the issue of security is a concern for all and for this reason, we developed this new generation of telemetry that provides greater confidence and security to our customers."


— Giovanni Juárez, Commercial Director of MAN Truck & Bus México


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