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Reseller Troubleshooting Process

Reseller Troubleshooting Process

This document is intended to be a general guide for how a reseller should approach an issue prior to escalating the issue to Geotab support. As this is a general guide, there will surely be specific cases which are outside the scope of this document. In all cases, please document as much information as possible prior to escalating issues to Geotab support. By doing this, issues will be resolved more quickly and the end user will be happier with the product they are using.

Step 1: Problem Identification

First, identify the nature of the problem. For example:

Note: Geotab support does not handle account or sales related issues. Please contact your account manager in the event that these issues arise.

Step 2: Gather the necessary details about the problem

In the case of hardware issues:

  1. Record all of the hardware that is currently being used, for example:

  1. Diagnose the underlying problem. For example:

Regardless of almost any hardware problem, always make sure that the user has checked each and every connection. The vast majority of problems you will encounter are because the hardware isn’t connected securely.

  1. If the problem has to do with the GO Device, please use the troubleshooting flowchart in the appendix.
  2. If the problem is related to other hardware that is not functioning at all, and persists after power cycling the device and hardware, contact Geotab support.

Note: When contacting Geotab support with a non-functional device, there is only so much that can be investigated without device-communication. If possible, Geotab support may request that the hardware be installed in a second vehicle. (Ideally a vehicle that already has working hardware in it.) Doing this can help assist Geotab support in diagnosing the issue.

  1. If the problem is related to other hardware, and it is not functioning as expected, contact Geotab support.

In the case that the issue is MyGeotab related:

  1. Record the database name, and the user’s username for that database.
  2. Record what steps the user takes to produce the problem, for example:
  1. Follow the recorded steps, and verify if what you see matches what the user has explained. If you cannot reproduce what the user explained, check the following:
  1. If the issue has not yet been resolved, contact Geotab support. Before doing so, please have the following information ready:

Note: For security reasons, Geotab employees are not to set passwords, or handle any sensitive user information.

Step 3: How to reach out to Geotab support

Reaching out to Geotab support can be done by following this link:

Please note that our regular helpdesk office hours are from 9:00-17:00 EST, Monday through Friday. After creating a ticket, one of Geotab’s support representatives will respond as quickly as possible.



Go6 and Go7 Diagnostic Flow Chart (Aug 12, 2015).png

A full-page version of this flowchart can be found here.

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