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Join Geotab’s Colin Sutherland, Executive Vice President of sales and marketing, speaker, strategist, and consultant to top fleets, as he interviews executive guests on hot topics. Each episode will feature a different thought leader sharing their expertise and explaining how to apply the data-driven approach to real-world operations.

Season 2

Episode 1: What's driving commercial fleets today?

In the first episode of Season Two, we take a pulse on commercial transportation and telematics. Susan Beardslee, Principal Analyst, Freight Transportation and Logistics at ABI Research, discusses last mile, the supply chain and economic recovery.

Episode 2: Electric vehicle adoption and the future of EVs

Learn more about electric vehicles, electric infrastructure and how to properly manage EV charging loads with Eric Mallia, Vice President, Geotab Energy.

Episode 3: Telematics and transportation in Southeast Asia

Listen in to learn about the growing importance of telematics in Southeast Asia as well as the future of fleet and electric vehicles. Deepak Kadambi, Geotab's General Manager, Southeast Asia gives us the details in this interview.

Season 1

Episode 1: Behind the scenes at Geotab with Neil Cawse

CEO Neil Cawse discusses how Geotab got started, the ongoing dynamic of market factors on the fleet industry and where he sees data impacting the future.

Episode 2: EV myths and management with Charlotte Argue

Charlotte Argue breaks down EV myths and discusses Geotab's EV battery degradation tool. She also talks about her journey as an established woman in STEM and shares advice for new graduates.

Episode 3: Decarbonization and the impact of COVID-19 with Edward Kulperger

Edward Kulperger explains the concept of decarbonization along with the impact COVID-19 has had on the environment.

Episode 4: The world of data with Mike Branch

Learn about connected vehicle data and what it can tell us about the recovery of the commercial transportation industry in this interview with Mike Branch, VP of Data & Analytics at Geotab.

Episode 5: Why choose electric vehicles?

Join us for a deep dive on electric vehicles and how to pick the best ones for your fleet with EV expert Matt Stevens.

Episode 6: Distracted driving and how fleet technology can help

Listen in on a conversation about evolution in the fleet industry and the ongoing importance of safety with Sherry Calkins, Vice President, Strategic Partners at Geotab.

Episode 7: Smart Cities and data-driven traffic

Learn about intelligent transportation systems, the importance of historical data versus instantaneous data and much more with Jean Pilon-Bignell, Vice President of Business Development, Government & Smart Cities, Geotab.

Episode 8: Data privacy with Dirk Schlimm

The importance of data privacy and security, how they correlate and Dirk Schlimm's journey as Executive Vice President and Advisory Board Member at Geotab.