Stefano Peduzzi

Stefano Peduzzi

Stefano Peduzzi has been with Geotab since 2012 and was the first European employee. He is an internationally experienced IT executive and manager with extensive knowledge of the Information Technology market, especially around telematics and business intelligence. He also comes with experience in evaluating and developing new technologies, hands-on leadership, management skills and in growing start-up companies or business units.

United Kingdom

About Stefano Peduzzi

Current role

Vice President, Technology Solutions and Operations at Geotab


  • Telematics
  • Technology Solutions
  • Leadership
  • Management Engineering
  • Product Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Mobile Technologies
  • Business Intelligence
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • System Integration


  • Speaker at the Connected Fleets Conference 2020


  • Politecnico di Milano, Management, Economics and industrial Engineering, 1993‒1999


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